Fagil Mandy Calls for Human Resource Skilling

The former Uganda National Examination Board Chairman Fagil Mandy has said there is need for Uganda to prioritise skilling and training its human resource if it’s going to achieve the long desired middle income status.

Mandy said the current education system does not guarantee producing successful, highly skilled human resource to work and develop the different sectors in the economy

“The world has evolved. One needs to be multi-skilled to be able to compete in the job market. Because of the introduction of computers, robots and artificial intelligence, a person that is Mono-skilled will not be worthy of being employed,” he said

Mandy is pessimistic about the status and capacity of most Ugandan teachers who he said are under skilled and half-baked and can’t help students to become better adults

“A study done by UNEB revealed that 65% of teachers around Uganda can’t set exams for their students on their own. Another study showed that most teachers can’t comprehend simple math or speak fluent English. With these kind of teachers, what kind of students do you expect them to produce?” he said

This was during a partnership signing ceremony held Wednesday morning at Skyz Hotel Naguru, between Teach for Uganda, a local NGO and DHL Uganda

Under the new partnership, DHL Express, DHL Global Forwarding, and DHL Supply Chain will give financial support to Teach for Uganda and their employees will volunteer to support over 36 Teach for Uganda Fellows to equip over 15,000 students across Uganda with skills and experiences needed to enter the working world and cause a positive impact in their lives

Commenting on the partnership, James Kassaga Arinaitwe, founder and CEO Teach for Uganda said it will enhance the activities and impact of the organization.


“We believe in the potential of all children to thrive and become better leaders in their various communities. The partnership with DHL Uganda will accelerate our moment and help us improve the lives of the children through excellent and practical education and develop our fellows as effective teachers and leaders in their communities” he said

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