Fagil Mande Reveals why he accepted “Second Chance” Deal

Educationist turned actor Fagil Mande shocked many when he was unveiled as part of the second chance Ugandan edition cast.

Many wondered why he chose to sign up for the role.

Speaking at the launch of the Uganda film festival on Wednesday morning, Mande revealed how he has always had passion for acting.

“I began acting from my secondary school although I was caught up in other things,” he said.

Acting in second chance was to show young people that acting is normal and a big achievement,” he added.

The 68-year old also added that he wanted to show “my fellow age mates that no matter the age, your talent is your best bed mate.”

Although he acted for a short while Mande still thinks it was a relief and one of his biggest achievements in his retiring age.

“I acted for a short while because I had other things to do,” he revealed.



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