Facts About Parenting,Teenagers

By Joy Nassuuna.

The task of parenting reaches a peak at a certain stage in a child’s life. Many books have been written about parenting styles at different age brackets of children, with Teen age being the toughest.

According to Joanne Banker’s article, she reveals that, “the year kids are between 13 and 18 years old, is an essential time for parents to stay involved with them the more.”

This is an indicator that the most crucial stage is adolescence and the teen age. This stage is not only crucial for parents but also sensitive for the children as they are in self-discovery.

We talked to Lynnette a 16 year old senior four vacist who explained her thoughts on parenting teenagers.

“We should have freedom around 16 because by then we have approximately 2 years before we are off to campus and face the world on our own without our parents,” explained Lynnette.

Lynnette believes that freedom should be given in preparation for the university level where the students will not have parents to make decisions for them. This relates back to Joanne Banker’s article where she comments on the fact that children who grow up in rigid environments miss out the chance to develop problem solving and leadership skills as parents are always making decisions for them.

During the teenage years, it’s hard but advisable to strike a balance with how to parent the children.


After speaking to Trevor Ssenyonjo who enlightened about how best to work around the curfew time.

“Guided freedom, I think teenagers should be allowed to express themselves and learn how to be responsible, Make mistakes and learn from them. They should be opened to reality, all the challenges in the World and guided on how best to address them.

For example 10 Pm should be curfew time let them go and hang out with their friends because their friends help them learn challenges about life”

He continues to add that there should be a limit too that as children should once in a while be given the chance to go and spend time with their friends, other times they should be restricted. ‘Guided freedom’ he calls it.

All in all, Parenting is not easy but it’s something that has to be carefully dealt with, though it’s very difficult at certain ages.

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