The Magic Of Shades

Just like diamonds, information pills what is ed shoes are like every woman’s best friend.

For a woman to have a complete look, it needs to be complemented with a pair of sexy shoes no matter the occasion.


Today we unveil which shoes to wear at which occasion and for what specific attire.


Shiphrah Nantongo, the proprietor of Celeb Look Boutique in Kampala, says “no matter how smartly dressed a woman is, if she doesn’t select her shoes appropriately, this could ruin her attire and day as well. So it is important that one chooses the right shoes for the right occasion.”


“Closed shoes with a low heel are appropriate for a working trendy woman. Not bright-colored but black or brown is the real deal,” adds Merab Asiimwe, a customer care advisor at MTN .


Flat shoes

However, Lorna Akeu the Operations and Freight Administrator at Roll Express, observes: “It depends on what I am going to do that day. If I am going to run up and down, pumps are what I’d opt for since I can’t wear flats to office.”


Asked about what shoes she’s wearing today, Maureen, who owns a shop at Mabiiizi complex, said “Well I am going out for comedy later in the evening so I decided to do platform heels to make me feel comfortable and smart all the way.”


For a casual evening out, Dan Otwane, prefers his wife in cool jeans and a cool pair of wedges while for a Saturday casual look, he says a pair of gladiator sandals is the ultimate style.


It should be noted that wearing the wrong shoes for an occasion can spoil a would-be fantastic day. So watch out for every pair of shoes that you must wear as well as considering the weather.

Having just spent hundreds, discount or perhaps thousands, of dollars on a computer that will inevitably become the cornerstone of your very life, it’s easy to forget that apps costs money too — a lot of it, in some cases! And since textbooks and tuition are expensive enough, here’s some smart software to help you save more money where you can.

Lots of people use Skype for free audio and video calls between friends and family. But what many don’t realize is that, for just $3 per month, you can make unlimited long-distance phone calls to cellphone numbers or landlines anywhere in North America. That’s far cheaper than what your cellphone carrier would charge. And with free Wi-Fi in practically every coffee shop and shopping mall in existence, you can use Skype from your smartphone and avoid wasting local minutes in a pinch.

Meanwhile, one of the benefits of living in Canada is — oh, who are we kidding. When it comes to streaming movies and TV shows, there aren’t many. South of the border, however, things are bit different. Netflix has a larger catalogue of movies you actually want to watch. For recently aired television shows, you get Hulu. And of course, there’s the knowledge that even the smallest of YouTube clips will almost always be available in your region, no geoblocks in sight.

You could bemoan our country’s ongoing status as a technological backwater — or, with a handy app called TunnelBear, make it appear as if you’ve been living in the U.S. all along. TunnelBear routes all of your internet activity through a virtual tunnel to the U.S., and for $5 per month, gives you unlimited access to all that’s fit to stream. If the BBC is more your thing, you can flip a switch to have your internet connection routed through the U.K. instead. There’s even a TunnelBear for iPad and iPhone, in addition to the usual Mac and Windows support.


But what of music? Services such as Rdio will let you stream practically all of your favourite and newly discovered artists, instantly, for less than the price of a single album. For $5 per month you gain access from any web browser on any computer, while $10 lets you sync your favourite songs and albums to your smartphone or tablet for offline listening too.

And if you’re using TunnelBear, be sure to check out Spotify. It’s an Rdio competitor that’s rumoured to be hitting Canada soon, and you can stream its entire catalogue from your browser for free (expect the occasional ad).

But it can’t be all play and no work. Adobe Photoshop, the advanced image manipulation software that everybody pretends they know how to use, comes with a hefty $250 price tag — and that’s with a student discount. If you’re on a Mac, opt forPixelmator instead (a whopping $15 in the App Store, for a limited time). All of Photoshop’s basic tricks are here, from layer-based editing to image retouching and special effects that put Instagram to shame. Not to be left out, Windows users can download, a free image editor that does most of the same.

And what of more traditional editing — Word documents, spreadsheets, PowerPoints and the like? There are myriad free options here too. Microsoft offers an online version of Microsoft Office for basic changes to fonts and formatting. Google Drive— formerly Google Docs — is another online option in this space. And if you need something more robust, OpenOffice has long been the best Microsoft Office replacement around — and you can download it for your Mac or Windows PC for free.

There are many reasons as to why people wear shades; ranging from swag to health.

Shades are said to protect the eyes from sunburns and the skin around the eyes from skin cancer especially the eye lids which are more prone.

Charles Musana, sale the proprietor of opti-care in Kampala says individuals should “Invest in a good pair of shades and you’re pretty much guaranteed that the style will come around every 10 years or so. So it’s good to play the long game.” Shades make one look classy especially the big ones enhance one’s swag.

Peterson Kananura of Ali Motors, Dubai, says he prefers big shades “and my favorite ones are Carrere and ray buns.” Big glasses are proper glam, but you have to strike a balance between your style and what you can pull off. Match the color of your frames with your shoes; keep it subtle and you’ll look the money

. Pearl Ankunda, a student at Makerere University Business School says she wears shades to protect her eyes from strong sun rays and she could wear any brand as long as they complement her. The etiquette of shades is something not so commonly discussed but as with virtually anything, there are places where shades will be of no use.

However if you think you can wear shades indoors and you actually do it, just know that some of us are watching you and thinking you could actually walk into a wall or trip over a chair.  Besides it is so rude a gesture to wear shades indoors since you are expected to interact with people who you are presumably locking out with your pair of expensive ray bans.

For this same reason, wearing shades at night makes you feel cool but what you might not know is that the on lookers are thinking  that you are either so drunk or you are trying to cover up a squint. However, the transparent ones could be worn at anytime depending on the look than one seeks to enhance.

Shades are not only meant for old people only but kids need them too for the same purposes of health and swag. Out of 100 percent of people that wear them, only 20 percent of them remember to dress their children in that same manner yet they need them as much as the grownups do.  Shades range from shs5000 and above depending on where you are buying from and the quality you would like to have. Never the less, one should try to keep a pair of shades or two.

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