EXPOSED: You Married A Conman-Justine Nameere Tells NTV’s Faridah Nakazibwe

The feud between NTV’s news anchor Faridah Nakazibwe and former MiniBuzz presenter on Bukedde TV Justine Nameere has taken a new and interesting twist, ChimpLyf reports.

The curvy Nameere, who also previously worked at Serena Hotel based NTV has come out guns blazing and started a full scale war against Nakazibwe and her husband Dr. Omar Ssali alias Omar Junior.

Nameere has exposed some of Nakazibwe’s family secrets starting with alleging that Omar is a conman. The bad blood between the two babes started flowing when Nakazibwe claimed that Nameere was seducing her husband Omar and plotting to harm her.

Justine Nameere claims Faridah Nakazibwe’s husband is a conman

The former Bukedde telly-star responded by slapping the Akawungezi news anchor with a defamation law suit that is still ongoing.

Nameere told ChimpLyf that it is actually Nakazibwe’s husband Omar who has been behind all the drama from the beginning. “I found out from reliable sources, two ladies who were Nakazibwe’s former friends, that Ssali was the one in charge of those fake Facebook accounts that she was talking about,” Nameere disclosed.

Nameere says she was shocked when the two ladies (who preferred to remain anonymous) claimed that Omar did the same thing to them sometime back. “The police called me to meet the two ladies who had gone through the same situation as me. One of them said that Ssali had almost broken up her marriage after opening fake accounts showing that she was seducing him. I realized Ssali is not what he portrays in public as the two ladies described him to be a conman, a fraud, a low life, who is very broke. His only aim is to tarnish people’s names, marriages and leave Nakazibwe with no friends,” Nameere said.

NTV News Anchor Faridah Nakazibwe

She added, “It is unfortunate that Nakazibwe believes everything he tells her as if she is under some spell.”

Nameere went on to discredit Omar’s profession revealing that he has never been a doctor as he claims adding that he was taken to Qatar by an agency called Two Niles and he is working as a security guard residing in a dormitory. “The police contacted the HR of the agency, an Arab who informed them that Omar is one of their employees and was taken as a builder,” she says.


Nameere explained that, “We also found out that he refers to himself as a doctor because the agency gives them a 3 weeks training on first aid from which they earn a certificate so as to rescue a colleague on site but he is not a doctor.”

Justine Nameere with fiance Raymond Kagimba

She claims the police called Omar after receiving his private number from the agency, he sounded resigned and irritated on phone and was hesitant to talk about his issues with Nakazibwe though he later he opened up. “He denied knowing anything about the saga and even denied having a Facebook account. He later said that he hated Nakazibwe’s drama and the fact that she posts him on Facebook. Ssali wondered why Nakazibwe never respects herself by always doing things publicly,” she narrates.

According to Nameere, when Omar was asked about why her never showed up for his introduction letting Nakazibwe have the ceremony with his photo, he responded, “I never showed up because I was not ready, Nakazibwe likes over rushing things.”

Nameere mentions that the HR at Two Niles sent police a manifesto of when Ssali would come back to Uganda. However when he came back they were not able to pin him down.

Faridah Nakazibwe with hubby Omar Ssali

“The police called Nakazibwe to deliver her husband because he was the subject matter in the case but she denied the allegations that he had come back saying she would have known,” Nameere goes on.

Currently the case is still in court; Nakazibwe and her lawyer have failed to meet up with the other side for a round table talk. “We call them but they keep dodging us. All I want right now is for Nakazibwe to come out and make a public apology for soiling my image; I no longer even need her money I just need a public apology and we put this to rest,” Nameere says.

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