Exposed: Reason Why Comic Mariachi,Singer Nantume Will not Step Foot in US Till 2029

All did not go as planned for local Comedian real name Charles Kasozi popularly known as MC Mariachi and singer Maureen Nantume over the Weekend as they were sent back to Uganda at the US airport.

The two who had gone for a gig in Boston, were intercepted by the Police for having no work permits when Nantume told them that they had gone to perform.

It is reported that Mariachi and Nantume were having in possession tourist visas yet they had gone to perform, which in the US is regarded as work. Sarah Zawede who had invited them wasn’t able to pay for Nantume and Mariachi’s work permits since the event was not well planned and came in a short notice.

Mariachi is believed to have lied to the authorities and was okayed, not until his colleague, Nantume said she had gone for a show.

The two were then blocked from any more access to Boston where they were to perform at the African connect show alongside DJ Charlie and Paddy among others on Sunday 29 at Marriott Hotel.

Mariachi and Nantume were to perform in Boston on Sunday 29

It is further reported that after their arrest and undergoing interrogation, they were sent back to Uganda and banned from stepping foot in the US for the next 10 years with their passports baring stamps reading ‘no entry till 2029.’

We tried reaching the US embassy for a comment but have not yet responded back.

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