Exploring Financial Opportunities for Women in Uganda


Uganda has a lot of programmes put in place to enhance the status of women.

Some women know about them while others don’t, the reason they don’t embrace them. Here is a list of financial opportunities for women in Uganda.

Frank Mugabi, the Public Relations Manager Ministry of Gender Labour and Social Development, notes that the ministry has quite a number of programmes women can engage in and make their lives better.

These include among others;

Uganda Women Entrepreneurship Programme

This was started in the year 2015/2016, and has so far helped a big number of people. Frank notes that you don’t need to have a booming business to get this money.

“All you need is to register in a group of 10 people at your municipality, division or district. You will be given a form that you fill and wait for confirmation in case your group has been selected,” he says.


The programme covers the whole country and all municipalities. People just form groups and get unsecured capital. You can get up to 12.5 million for ordinary enterprises.

If you have value addition enterprise and are going to employ others, you can get up to 25 million.

“Women need to get 10 women in their locality, meet the community development officer and will get forms for the programme. There are also Community Demand-driven Projects (CDP) and women are among those targeted,” he explains.

There are also Youth Livelihood Programmes where female youths are prioritized.

Grants for women with disabilities  

People with disabilities also have grants allocated to them.

Women with businesses and those starting out can use this opportunity. You, however, have to develop a brilliant idea to get this money.


Gone are the days when people opened up groups for fun. Today, people open facebook, WhatsApp or neighborhood groups to start self-help projects to develop themselves.

Immaculate Nantongo, the founder My Fabulous Homes a facebook page, notes that she started the page to bring out different home related ideas.

“As time went on, we decided to start a SACCO with an aim of buying a plot of land that can benefit everyone,” she says adding that women can join groups like these with a common goal to develop themselves.

Skilling Uganda

This is a strategic plan that has been put in place to provide people with vocational skills.

It involves courses like catering, tailoring, baking and after the course, students are given startup capital.

Free equipment

The Uganda Industry Research Center gives business minded yet financially disabled people a chance to carry out their dreams.

This is a body that was put in place to help people with tools to carryout business and also skill them in their various business fields.

The research center focuses on Engineering and Manufacturing, Analytical Laboratory Training, Ceramics and Administration among others.

According to Scovia Mbabazi, a banker and financial adviser, women are the most trusted because they pay their money as agreed and in time.

She says most banks will be willing to give you a loan to improve your business as well as train you on how to develop yourself.


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