Experts Predict Major Real Estate Growth in Uganda

NRM Presidential Candidate Yoweri Museveni continues to woo voters in his stronghold western region, hospital traversing Ibanda, viagra order Kiruhura, Mitooma and Ruhinda where he has been given at least 200 cows.

On Thursday, Museveni praised the people of Ruhinda North for voting for Thomas Tayebwa as MP without opposing him.

Tayebwa, who handed gifts to president Museveni, remains unopposed in the newly created Constituency.

“When I got to this place I was shocked to find you don’t have electricity. We shall address that,” said Museveni.

The President said in Ruhinda every sub-county has got a government aided secondary school except for Kabila, Katenga, Kashenshero, Mayanga and Kiyanga.

“Let your leaders follow up this, we need schools in all the above places,” said Museveni.

On infrastructural development, Museveni promised that the Kashenyi-Mitooma road will be tarmacked soon and continue to Rukungiri.

Similarly the Katungulu-Kihihi-Ishasha road will be tarmacked.


On the side of water, Nyamayanga and Kitoma have got piped water.

Museveni said Katonga, Rushozi, Kigenda, Kihihi, Katagata will get it soon.

He also named places with electricity such as Katonga, Rubare, Katoma, Rwagashami and Igambiro.

He said power lines will be extended to Rubumba, Kayaga, Nyaruzinga, Bushongore, Rutaka and Bitereko.

“Our target is to have each sub-county lit, then all centres can receive it. Lastly, I am here to ask for votes from the people of Mitooma. Don’t forget to vote for the old man with a hat and all NRM flag bearers,” said Museveni.


From Ruhinda, Museveni travelled to Nyabushozi County in Kiruhura District where he thanked supporters for braving a heavy downpour to listen to him.

Museveni said Rushere Hospital will be expanded to serve the people of Kiruhura, adding, new machines have been bought by government to help extract water for the farmers.

“People of Kiruhura, just like I have told other Ugandans, should desist from land fragmentation. Families should jointly farm and only share proceeds from what they harvest and sell. Residents here should also focus on growing fruits to improve their income,” said Museveni.

So far NRM has collected more than 200 head of cattle in donations which Museveni said will be put at one of the government farms in the country.
As the New Year begins, salve real estate stakeholders, investors and professionals are looking forward to seeing what the year 2016 has in store for them.

Questions that are being asked include what areas are going to become hot spots, are there going to be any changes in prices, which areas are going to witness infrastructural developments, should we expect more foreign investors this year, will the general elections have a positive effect on the sector, will there be a major technological move in the real estate sector and so on.

According to Shakib Nsubuga, Country Manager of Lamudi in Uganda, this year the real estate sector is expected to take several leaps forward especially in the ICT sector.

He added that real estate stakeholders should embrace the digital era in 2016.

Predictions for the real estate sector in 2016

General Real Estate Growth

According to real estate experts from Lamudi, Uganda, the rapid population growth in the country and the need for better infrastructure will lead to an increase in the demand for housing and better infrastructure.

With better infrastructure throughout the country, there will be a major growth in the real estate sector as there will be easy access to other districts due to improved infrastructure and ease in movement of raw materials.

In the next 12 months we will see completion of projects in the housing sector in order to accommodate the continuous population.

Technological leap

Telecom companies have introduced cheaper internet packages and smarter phones to the market and this has made mobile applications/technology a driving innovation in the country.

Ugandans now look to their portable gadgets and online for solutions on the go.

Real estate practitioners have started paying attention to these innovations and we are bound to see more of them turning to this innovation as a convenient solution in the next 12 months.

Foreign Investment

Despite the uncertainty of the general elections, experts predict an increase in these investments.

With the rapid population growth in the country and the city center, there is high demand for infrastructure and housing in the country.

This will create opportunities for different corporations to invest in the country, this will also have a positive impact on the economy in general.

Increase in Affordable Housing

With the increase in demand of affordable housing real estate investors are expected to invest in development of affordable housing,

There has been a low supply in the recent years to the demand for affordable housing but with the growth in the middle class, experts say we are bound see the increase in the availability of affordable housing.

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