Expanding Contraception Method Mix Will Avail Communities with Access to Informed Choices – MoH

Officials from the Ministry of Health yesterday November 11, 2020, had a learning visit on the the availability and use of the various contraceptive methods in Buyende district.

The team was led by Dr Charles Olaro, the director of clinical services and Dr Richard Mugahi, the assistant Commissioner of reproductive health.

The visit was intended to see how Population Services International (PSI) Uganda was expanding the contraception method mix options in Buyende and also include access to quality permanent method service provision.

It should be noted that PSI Uganda has worked with Buyende district and other public sector facilities to improve the capacity to provide permanent family planning methods such as vasectomy and bilateral tubal ligation as part of the method mix, with support from Eric and Edith H Bergstrom.

Dr Olaro said that the availability of a mix of family planning options supports communities’ access to informed choices of different contraceptive methods.

The visit comes before the World Vasectomy Day, which will be commemorated on November 14, 2020, themed, “An act of love for yourself, your family and your future.”

According to PSI Uganda, vasectomy is a simple procedure where the sperm ducts are cut so that the semen does not carry any sperm and therefore, cannot fertilize and result into pregnancy after unprotected sex.

PSI Uganda noted that whereas short term methods account for over 50% of the contraception method mix, permanent methods contribute less than 10%; due to lack of information among the public.


“Most of the barriers are lack of information in communities and lack of capacity to provide services at the facility. Our team is working to close these gaps,” Dr. Olaro said.


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