Exercises For Expectant Mothers

Pregnant women need to be fit, however not all exercises will be good for you. Here are some of the few exercises a pregnant mother should do to have a good health and safe delivery.

You need exercises that make your body muscles firm, improve oxygen supply to the body, burn fats and some of them include;

Climb stairs

Ronald Kiiza a gym instructor at fitness World notes that use the stairs in your home or work to work out, this should be done by climbing up until the last stair and sloping down in a repeated manner. Climbing stairs will strengthen your body muscles making it firm, it will also burn up the unnecessary fats in your body. However you should be extra careful to avoid falling off, do it slowly, one step at a time


Swimming is a cardio exercise that will help you increase the oxygen supply in the body as well as keep you fit. However Gorret Mbabazi a medical practitioner notes that you should a go for swimming classes or swim under the instruction of a skilled swimmer.

She notes that swimming could also be a therapy for nausea and other pregnancy complications.



It’s easy and yet the most effective exercise. All pregnant women are required to walk at least one kilometer a day. It will help you burn fats that would cause unnecessary pressure, increase the supply of oxygen in your body hence reducing breathing complications and fatigue. Walk every morning and evening for at least 30 minutes per session.


Kiiza adds that running is also a cardio exercise that will not only burn the fat but also cleanse the body dirt since when it burns up the body and releases all the dirt through sweat. This can be limited to jogging as vigorous running may cause complications and pains.


You can dance off the fatigue, nausea and increase the blood supply to the heart, Mbabazi notes that dancing is a soul therapy, put the music you love, most preferably one with fast beats and carryout a few exercises on the beat. These could be;

Sit ups

These involve lying on your back with your legs held somewhere and raising the upper part of your body ( from the belly upwards) and going back to the ground in a repeated manner. This will help you strengthen your stomach muscles as well as cut body fat. This can be carried out in the first months.


You can skip your way to fitness in a gentle but effective manner, however, Mbabazi advises that you discontinue the moment you feel any discomfort as this exercise may trigger pain.


Squats involve spreading your legs a reasonable distance, then squatting and standing in a repeated manner, this will also strengthen your muscles and bones giving you a safe delivery.

Simply dance

You can also just dance using any form of stroke you are comfortable with, dancing heats up the body hence causing the hurt to pump more blood to the body which in turn leads to easy blood circulation.


Yoga is one of the easiest yet the most healing exercise every pregnant woman should embrace. Place a mat in a very quiet place, sit and think about nothing but listen to your inner soul. This mediation will give you a peace of mind and kill stress or any form of depression. Yoga should be part of your daily routine. If you cannot find a quiet place to meditate, do it in the night when everyone is sleeping and the world is at rest.

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