EXCLUSIVE: U.S. Police Raids Ugandan Envoy’s Residence; Amb Ogwang Sent Home

United States authorities have forced Kampala to recall the Minister Counselor at Uganda’s Embassy in Washington, D.C., Mr. Dickson Ogwang over domestic violence.

“Amb Ogwang will be returning to Uganda this weekend,” said a highly placed source in the diplomatic community.

Officials said U.S. police this past December received an emergency call from Ogwang’s residence in Washington.

On arrival, they found Ogwang’s wife “nursing bruises caused by severe beating” by the diplomat.

Police would have detained Ogwang.

But the diplomat, who had earlier served as Acting Ambassador for six months, invoked his diplomatic immunity. hence surviving arrest.

Ogwang’s wife was rushed to hospital where she was admitted for five days.

“In a case of domestic violence against Ogwang, the State Department asked the Foreign Affairs Ministry to recall him or waive his diplomatic immunity for prosecution,” said a source.


Head of Public Diplomacy at Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Ms Margaret Kafeero said she was on leave.

“I don’t have information about that incident,” said Kafeero via telephone.

She referred ChimpReports to the ministry’s Permanent Secretary, Amb Patrick Mugoya whose phone was still switched off when we posted this story on Thursday afternoon.

Mr Ogwang claims to have over 18 years of experience working with development organizations both at national and international level.

Informed officials say the latest incident in Washington has raised concerns about the caliber of Ugandan diplomats sent to foreign countries.

President Museveni has previously been criticized for favouring ‘political failures’ for diplomatic assignments, leading to frequent embarrassments.

This is not the first time Uganda is quietly recalling a diplomat over domestic violence in United States.

In 2015, Second Secretary Robert Mugimba was transferred to Cairo over a similar offence.

Amb Charles Wagaba, the former deputy head of Uganda Mission at United Nations, also was moved to Kinshasa under similar circumstances.

“What we are seeing today is a pattern of domestic violence which needs to be addressed by the ministry through making right choices of diplomats,” said a retired Foreign Service officer who spoke on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely.

In a related development, Deputy Head of Uganda Mission at United Nations in New York, Kintu Nyago is being transferred to South Africa over alleged failure to effectively execute his duties.

He also is faulted for sharing confidential information with unauthorised persons.

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