Exclusive: Shs 1.8bn Fund Kicks Up Storm at ISO

By Chimp Investigation Team

A war is raging at the Internal Security Organisation (ISO) with regional security officials (RISOs) defying Director General Kaka Bagyenda’s directives.

ChimpReports understands that Kaka recently secured an overdraft of Shs 1.8bn from a top commercial bank to fund groups of boda boda riders.

Kaka went ahead to instruct all RISOs in Uganda to indentity Boda Boda groups to receive soft loans of up to Shs 5Million from ISO.

The RISOs have since refused to act, saying they are surprised that the institution which never gives them operational funds wants them to mobilize groups to receive money.

“Kaka has been saying there is no money for operations. Now, where is he getting funds to give to boda boda riders?” wondered a senior security in official in Northern Uganda.

“We are not going to do any mobilization of boda groups. If we die, we die.”

The development underlines the growing rift between ISO’s top leadership and regional security chiefs as the institution grapples with internal fights and allegations of corruption and incompetence.

ChimpReports tried to speak to Kaka but he switched off his mobile phone after our reporter introduced himself.

The UPDF Defence spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire has previously maintained he does not speak for ISO.

Security Minister Gen Elly Tumwiine didn’t pick our calls. 

Nevertheless, it’s understood security officials at ISO have written several dossiers to the top leadership of the country for intervention in vain.

Multiple ISO officials said they have been “suffering in silence” for so long and were defying Kaka for President Museveni to act.

The ‘diversion’ of ISO’s operational funds reportedly started in the financial year 2017/18 .

During that financial year, Shs 3.5 Billion that Parliament appropriated to ISO disappeared.

Thereafter, operational Funds for two financial years of 2018/2019 and 2019/2020 were also diverted. It’s said part of this money was used to pay the Indian suppliers of motorcycles who received the last installment of Shs 1.4Billion in May 2020.

This money was deducted from the fourth quarter of this financial year release for Classified Operations.

RISOs, who are tasked with collecting intelligence in their regions, lack modest means of transport.

“We have asked that Shs 1.8bn which Kaka wants to spend on these boda groups whose work we don’t know should but cars for RISOs or facilitate their operations,” said a source.

ChimpReports recently reported that President Museveni had directed his closest security aides to start the vetting of potential candidates to replace Kaka.

The President blames Kaka for the failure to provide able leadership to the critical security organisation and allowing its infiltration by criminals.

The head-of-state also blames Kaka for falling short in detecting hundreds of fabricated intelligence reports that have ended up on his desk at State House Entebbe.

Museveni further blames Kaka for not doing enough to reign in on thugs in ISO who are involved in acts of extortion and human rights abuses.


In a leaked resignation letter, the Chief Technical Officer of ISO’s Cyber Unit, Alfred Idusso recently shed light on the rot at the intelligence organisation.

Idusso gave the the example of his colleague Simon Odongo, who was recently arrested by the military, as the king of forgery at ISO.

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