EXCLUSIVE: SFC Soldier Held as Museveni Picks Bullet at Serena Hotel

On Thursday, price http://citizenspace.us/wp-content/plugins/espresso-recurring-events.1.1.1b1/recurring-event-templates/event_list_display.php President Museveni attended the religious leaders’ meeting on Reproductive, http://crememinceur.com/wp-includes/ms-default-filters.php Maternal, http://cotro.com/wp-includes/ms-functions.php Newborn, Child and Adolescent Health at Kampala Serena Hotel.

As many in the audience were listening to speeches, Museveni made a peculiar discovery of a bullet for an AK 47 assault rifle on the floor of the room where the function was taking place.

“The President simply walked majestically from the podium right to the area where the bullet was and picked it,” recounts a source at the function.

Museveni quickly asked his ADC to keep the bullet and “find out how it found its way here.”

A member from the audience remarked: “The president surprised the audience. No one else had spotted the bullet.”

The Special Forces Command (SFC) spokesperson Maj Chris Magezi told ChimpReports on Saturday, “There was no security breach by that incident.”

Magezi further revealed, “The bullet was from a gun magazine of one of our soldiers. You know we are allowed to possess weapons where the president is. So, as the soldier was loading his magazine, one of the bullets dropped.”

“When they give you bullets, they are counted. If you are given 30 bullets and later discover that you have 29, then one is missing.”


He further explained that the soldier later “realised that one of his bullets was missing but could not immediately look for it as the President was also arriving.”

Magezi described the incident as a “mistake by a soldier” whom he said had already been “reprimanded.”

The SFC is an elite and highly-trained special force tasked with carrying out specialised military operations and protecting the President and his family.

Some of its members train from Israel, United States and Russia in counter terrorism and rescue operations.

Magezi said as an elite force, “We expect more vigilance and higher standards from our officers.”

Asked to explain whether the incident would lead to a review of the president’s security detail, Magezi responded: “Of course, we have already put in place internal measures to ensure that such incidents do not happen again.”

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