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EXCLUSIVE: Security Forces Close in on Magara Kidnap Ringleader

A joint task team of Police Counter Terrorism Units and Special Forces have finally identified the mastermind of Susan Magara’s death.

Magara was in February kidnapped and killed before his body was dumped along the Southern by-pass off Entebbe Road.

Her fingers had earlier been cut off by the kidnappers who intended to show their determination if a huge sum of ransom was not paid on time.

Even after receiving the ransom, Magara was killed in cold blood, a murder that enraged the nation.

Despite holding Magara hostage for weeks, Uganda’s security organs were unable to track the kidnappers.

There was considerable focus on Patrick Agaba alias Pato; a car dealer and celebrity living in South Africa.

At a recent press conference, President Museveni said he had contacted his South African counterpart Cyril Ramaphosa to help in Agaba’s extradition to Kampala.

ChimpReports now understands the situation changed after security raided Usafi Mosque in Kampala where one the members of the criminal gang that held Magara hostage, was arrested.


“The suspect who was in the racket that kidnapped Magara helped us identify their ringleader who is on the run,” said a highly placed security officer.

“The man who was speaking in Runyoro dialect in the audio circulated by police has been positively identified. We will catch him.”

While Agaba has a criminal record, security are now focusing on arresting the man who negotiated the ransom and also gave directions to the family on where to pick the remains of the deceased.

In the audio, the gang leader could be heard directing the person on the phone to move to Hashi fuel station at Namasuba to pick Magara’s severed hands in a polythene bag.

In another audio, the same man is heard harshly negotiating with Magara’s family on the size of the ransom and warning against involving security organs in the matter.

Below is a brief chat between the gang leader and Magara’s family member:

“Where have you reached with our agreement?”

“We are working on it sir…”

“Where have you reached?”

“The money you asked sir, I am about to raise all of it sir”

“Hasn’t Magara (John Fitzgerald) returned?”

“Magara has returned sir”

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