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EXCLUSIVE PICTURES: Magnificent Shrine for Kibuule’s Twins

England has what is known as Westminster Abbey – the final resting place of 30 monarchs starting with King Edward the Confessor himself whose splendid shrine stands just behind the High Altar.

Water Resources State Minister Ronald Kibuule appears to have taken a leaf from UK’s Royal Family by constructing a magnificent place for the burial of his dear ones.

ChimpReports has seen the tombs being prepared by workers as the final resting places for his departed twins in Kapeke Village, Mukono district.

The interior of the shrine where the kids will be laid to rest

The 2-year-old boys drowned in a sprawling swimming pool at his residence in Mbalala, Mukono district on Monday evening.

Two graves have been dug inside the shrine.

Beside the kid’s graves is Kibuule’s mom’s tomb which bears the inscription, “Nalongo Nagutta Grace. Born: 15/07/1965. Died: 26/12/1994. I am the resurrection and life. The one who believes in me will live, even though they die.’ John 11:25).”

The tomb of Kibuule’s mother is also located in this shrine
The departed kids will rest next to each other
The shrine is located next to the residence of Kibuule’s father

The burial of the twins is expected to take place at 4:00pm.

Only close family members and a few selected colleagues will be allowed to access the cemetery.

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