EXCLUSIVE: NRM Collects Signatures to Topple Mbabazi

The uncertainty birthed by former Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi’s treacherous reaction to his sacking by president Yoweri Museveni last month is slowly creeping from the ruling NRM to the opposition political parties.

As President Museveni and the NRM force turn the guns onto the outgoing party pillar Hon Amama Mbabazi, seek http://comeduraredipiu.com/wp-includes/class-wp-user.php Chimpreports reveals, the country’s opposition parties are equally perplexed and dangerously torn on whether to weep or toast to the shocking fall out.

Several top opposition officials separately confided in this website, they were unsure Mbabazi’s possible exit from NRM wouldn’t significantly hurt their interests and agenda.

In the event that the former premier’s purported presidential ambitions materialize, some opposition are now worried they stand lesser chances in 2016.

“People want to explore new options. They know that a party like NRM can easily be ripped by someone from the inside, than we the opposition,” said a senior Forum for Democratic Change official in an interview.

Insistent not to be named in this publication, the official went on, “Even in countries like Kenya, you realize that the people that took over from President Moi, were those who had served in his government, not from the opposition.”

“When (Col Kizza) Besigye broke away from NRM, you saw what happened. He overshadowed all the traditional political parties, and up to now he is literally the de facto leader of the opposition. I assure you, 90 percent of the people who voted him in 2001, didn’t know who he was.”

The official believes Mbabazi also stands a better chance of accessing funding from Museveni’s enemies within and outside the country, if he sustains his sprouting support from the youthful and vibrant portion of the population.


Though, Mbabazi remains tight-lipped on whether or not he craves the topmost executive seat, his severally unearthed underground moves and controversial social media comments point to a clearly bigger agenda.

Mr Mbabazi was recently quoted as stating that he would reveal his future plans “at the right time”

FDC spokesperson Mr John Kikonyogo is equally alive to the potential of the Kinkiizi West Member of Parliament. He however believes that his fall out with Museveni can be utilized to bring about faster change in the country.

Kikonyogo told our reporter, “What is most important for us is to have change first. If there emerges a person who has been with Museveni and turns against him, we lose nothing. If he can turn as many supporters as he can from Museveni, that is what we want.”

Uganda People’s Congress on the other hand, is still hesitant to embrace the former premier, or whichever intentions he nurses.

“We don’t want to analyze Mbabazi’s potential or weaknesses at this point. That’s not our interest,” noted party Vice President Mr Joseph Bossa.

Bbossa told Chimpreports that time wasn’t ripe for Mbabazi to be trusted by the opposition yet.

“What we know is that he is still in NRM, and still holds a large position there. When he decides to leave, then you can come and we chat,” concluded Bbossa.
The ruling National Resistance Movement party has silently started a national signature collection drive to officially kick out its Secretary General Amama Mbabazi from office as soon as possible.

Chimpreports has exclusively learned that the exercise was launched in Kole district in Lango Sub region where the party officials believe Mbabazi had erected an effective and demonstrational campaign structure to be rolled out in other areas led by the National Youth Vice Chairman Willy Omodo Omodo.

The minister without portfolio in charge of Political Mobilization, recipe http://clinicapetterson.com.br/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/includes/mail.php Richard Todwong, viagra http://cstaab.com/wp-content/plugins/woocommerce/includes/widgets/class-wc-widget-top-rated-products.php who is also now practically acting as the NRM Secretary General, medical is now also the man in charge of securing signatures from the party delegates to disown Mbabazi and ask him to honourably resign.

Todwong is executing the mission with the NRM Caucus spokeswoman Evelyn Anite who moved the Kyankwanzi resolutions that declared President Yoweri Museveni the party’s sole candidate in the coming 2016 general elections.

The sole candidacy debate is widely believed to be fronted to curtail the presidential ambitions of Mbabazi.

The former Prime Minister is thought to be working from behind the scenes to unseat the party chairman Museveni, a charge Mbabazi denies.

On Monday this week, 150 signatures were raised from the delegates who converged at Corner Molem in Kole and sources who attended the meeting say all participants unanimously agreed with Todwong and Anite who introduced the plan to formally kick out Mbabazi.

On Tuesday, the campaign reached Lira district where 185 signatures from delegates who uniformly concurred that Mbabazi must resign.

Sources, who attended the Lira meeting at Uganda Christian Institute of Professional Studies, also availed this website with the details being advanced by Todwong and Anite as grounds to do away with Mbabazi at the party’s helm.

The duo accused Mbabazi of failing NRM party by ignoring to organize district delegates meetings and hiding the part members’ registrar.

Anite and Todwong further informed the participants that Mbabazi want to disrupt the peace Ugandans are enjoying ushered by Museveni.

“He terribly failed our mighty party and mismanaged almost everything.  He made the party dormant by not organizing party district conferences during his time as Secretary General and also wants to disturb the flourishing peace Ugandans are proud of because of His Excellency Museveni.” Todwong told the cheering delegates, according to a source.

The meeting attended by the NRM national vice chairman Sam Engola, the Minister of Housing and a known nemesis of Mbabazi, Dokolo county Member of Parliament Okot Ogong and Hamson Obua for Ajuri country, was also told that Mbabazi was responsible for the mismanagement of PRDP funds meant for rehabilitating northern Uganda that suffered two decades of war. Mbabazi denies the allegations.

From Lango the exercise shall proceed to Acholi and West Nile regions, according to sources at the NRM leadership.

Efforts to reach Todwong on phone proved futile as his phones are nowadays answered by his aides during the grassroot campaign.

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