EXCLUSIVE: MPs Collect Signatures to Remove Deputy Speaker Jacob Oulanyah

Up to 50 Members of Parliament have appended signatures to have Hon Jacob Oulanyah removed from his position as Deputy Speaker.

ChimpReports has exclusively learnt that collection of the signatures started on Monday last week by a group of aggrieved legislators who believe that Hon Oulanyah “betrayed” the House when he returned the controversial Shs 20m Covid19 money, and also publicly backed President Yoweri Museveni’s directive instead of defending the position of the Legislature.

This move has since spooked the Office of Leader of Government Business in Parliament who on Wednesday last week deployed half a dozen loyal National Resistance Movement MPs and staff to monitor the development and quickly make a report for demobilization.

“We don’t want to risk create a precedence of censure that be disastrous in the future. It would automatically mean opening doors for censure,” said a source.

The Office of the Leader of Government Business believes over 50 signatures of the required one third (150) have already been collected. The deployment made by government side was made after realization that the movers are likely to hit the required 150 signatures.

“We shall shoot it down on the floor even if they get the required number,” said the source.

When contacted on phone, Oulanyah who seems unbothered only said he is aware but had no comment.

“Yes, I am aware but not comment,” he briefly said.


According to the Rules of Procedures of Parliament (97 (1) (a), a motion for a resolution for the removal of the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker from office shall be moved in a seven days’ notice signed by not less than one third of MPs is given to Clerk.

In close (b) the Clerk shall, within twenty-four hours of receipt of the list of names, forward the notice to the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker as the case maybe.

In close (c) the motion shall be tabled in Parliament and shall be listed for debate within fourteen days after receipt of the notice by the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker.

(d) In debating the motion under paragraph (c) Parliament shall constitute itself into a committee, which shall report its findings to Parliament for adoption.

(e) The Speaker or the Deputy Speaker is entitled to appear in person and to be assisted or represented by a lawyer or any other person when the Committee of the Whole House is considering the motion for his or her removal.

(2) The provisions of sub-rules (30 to (8) of rule 96 shall apply to the removal of the Speaker or Deputy Speaker with such modifications as may be necessary.

(3) Neither Speaker nor the Deputy Speaker in respect of whom proceedings for removal have commenced, shall preside over the proceedings.

(4) If Parliament passes the motion for the removal of the Speaker of the Deputy Speaker by not less than two thirds majority of all the voting Members of Parliament (excluding ministers who are not elected MPs), the Speaker or the Deputy Speaker shall cease to hold office.

The movers of the motion according to sources know the hurdles above, mainly getting two thirds of MPs to remove Oulanyah, but are determined to make an impacting statement on the future of political career of the deputy speaker.

“The motion appearing in the house alone already has a political bearing,” said a source.

According to them, Oulanyah should have been at the forefront of defending the Legislature against the storm created by the contentious allocation of Shs 10bn to fight COVID-19.

They contend that The Deputy Speaker is a member of the Parliamentary Commission that approved the 10bn on the meeting of April 7 2020 before it was tabled on the floor of Parliament and should have been at the forefront of defending the House.

Other members of the Commission Are Speaker, Rebecca Kadaga; Leader of Opposition, Betty Aol; Leader of Government Business, Ruhakana Rugunda; Finance Minister, Matia Kasiaja and four backbench commissioners including Silwany Solpmon (NRM), Arinaitwe Rwakajara (NRM), Hellen Asamo (NRM) and Francis Mwijukye (FDC).

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