EXCLUSIVE: Military Intelligence Capture Suspected Ringleader of Kaweesi Assassins

Late last week, cheap a specialized crack unit of battle-hardened Military Intelligence combatants crawled through the dirty alleys of Nansana, advice a Wakiso suburb.

Under the cover of darkness and with their index fingers rubbing the triggers of their AK 47 assault rifles, illness the military operatives created a cordon around a house in which a suspected terrorist was living.

“We were under firm instructions to use all necessary means to get this guy alive. But if it necessitated, we were ready for a battle that would have shaken Wakiso,” recounted a source.

About three weeks ago, a pencil thin but stern-looking Col Abel Kandiho who commands UPDF’s Military Intelligence, arrived at the blood-spattered scene in Kulambiro where AIGP Andrew Kaweesi had been shot.

Kandiho, was consistently on his mobile telephone.

He would later call his top investigators led by Asiimwe who played a key role in the arrest of the 2010 Kampala bombers.

“I want you to be on Gen Kale’s team,” Kandiho told Asiimwe, in reference to a joint investigation committee set up to probe Kaweesi’s killing.

Highly placed sources say the CMI guys immediately went to work.


So when Military Intelligence operatives swarmed Nansana, they were assured of a big catch.

Inside a fairly modest house, Mr Bruhan was sleeping.

Realizing he was surrounded and vulnerable, Bruhan did not put up resistance.

He was swiftly put on a waiting military truck and driven away for interrogation.

Informed officials told this investigative website that forensic investigators immediately started combing for evidence.

“We got a trove of evidence we think will help us in our investigation,” said a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.

“We found about 100 SIM cards and 40 handsets in Bruhan’s residence,” the source added.

ChimpReports has learned that a technical analysis of Bruhan’s contacts and telephone communications exposed his suspected accomplices who have been arrested.

“The suspects in custody are very many. But what is so interesting is that the people we thought were behind city murders especially Kamoga’s group, could be innocent.”

Asked to give more details about Bruhan, the source expressed concern about the possibility of jeopardizing investigations.

“We found out that Bruhan is a highly radicalized fellow. He is too indoctrinated,” the source observed.

Interestingly, investigators discovered that Bruhan was a former tenant of Mama Fiina whose husband, Mohammed Kiggundu, was gunned down like Kaweesi.

Police spokesperson Asan Kasingye said he was not aware of the arrest.

Contacted, Mama Fiina confirmed that Bruhan was indeed her tenant.

“Yes, I knew him as my tenant. But I don’t want to go deep in a discussion about his issues,” said the widow.

Efforts to reach UPDF spokesperson Brigadier Richard Karemire were futile as his known official telephone line was switched off.

We are told Bruhan has been questioned about previous murders of Muslim leaders in the country.

This website could not confirm whether Bruhan has confessed to Kaweesi’s killing but he is suspected to be the ring leader.

“We are combing through all pieces of evidence we have so far collected but the investigation is underway,” the source added.

“Bruhan subscribes to the extremist ISIS/ADF/Alqaeda ideology. What I can tell you is that there is a connection with criminal elements in police,” an insider revealed.

We have equally learned that President Museveni has already received briefs on the investigation especially in regard to the capture of Bruhan.

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