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EXCLUSIVE: Is Kabaka Mutebi Abandoning Besigye for Mbabazi?

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Ethiopian duo of the former Berlin winner Aberu Kebede (2:20:48) and Meseret Hailu (2:24:33) completed the podium places.

41, 224 runners from 131 nations took part in the race.
Dr Kizza Besigye’s 2016 campaign bid is set for tough times with Kabaka Ronald Muwenda Mutebi sending signals of abandoning the FDC presidential flag-bearer for Hon Amama Mbabazi.

ChimpReports has it on good authority that Kabaka Mutebi’s loyalist MPs Mathias Mpuuga (Masaka Municipality), there http://deal2deal.co.in/components/com_jshopping/tables/addon.php Muwanga Kivumbi (Butambala County) and Medard Sseggona (Busiro East) will campaign for Mbabazi in the 2016 presidential elections.

In fact Sseggona on Sunday announced his defection from Dr Besigye’s camp to join Hon Mbabazi’s team.

“I have been voting Dr Besigye but my vote is now for Hon Amama Mbabazi. He is my candidate, http://cognac-ambassador.com/wp-admin/includes/class-wp-plugin-install-list-table.php ” said Sseggona while appearing on NTV’s Fourth Estate.


He said Besigye has not failed as individual but “we are searching for new alternatives to push us to new heights.”

Buganda bond

From the beginning of his campaign against Museveni in 2001, Besigye enjoyed overwhelming support from Buganda Kingdom.

This was partly because of Besigye’s wife, Eng Winnie Byanyima’s connections with the monarchy.

Between 2001 and 2011, it was a public secret that the Kabaka through his trusted ally Joyce Ssebugwawo unreservedly supported Besigye.

Discomforted by this strong bond, Museveni had refused to endorse the hand over Buganda Kingdom’s properties to Mengo.

The tense relations between Mengo and the Central government hit peak levels in 2009 when Kabaka was denied a chance to visit Kayunga on grounds that his life was being threatened by secessionists.

This sparked off violent riots in Buganda region that led to unprecedented destruction of property and human lives.

Amidst the roaring of heavy gunfire, the defiant Kabaka who had on several occasions refused to pick President Museveni’s calls, reportedly told his aides to prepare for his trip to Kayunga.

The Kabaka’s boldness shook the centre of power at Nakasero with Museveni directing then Coordinator of Intelligence Organs Gen David Sejusa to coordinate the deployment of heavy artillery near Lubiri in Mengo.

It remains unclear whether indeed Museveni intended to arrest the Kabaka or was simply displaying his military forces’ ability to overrun the palace and ban the monarchy.

It is said Dr Besigye learnt of security’s plan to strike at the heart of the Kingdom hence tipping off Kabaka’s aides to ensure the monarch does not leave the palace.

At the time, Besigye was so close to the Kabaka that the politician never missed the King’s birthdays.

However, latest events indicate a possible shift in the Kabaka’s political strategy.

For starters, the Kabaka normal maintains an invisible hand in the operations of opposition political parties as leverage against government interference in the running of kingdom affairs.

Besigye with Joyce Ssebugwawo at a recent function
Besigye with Joyce Ssebugwawo at a recent function

Mbabazi now darling of Mengo

On Saturday, Mbabazi who had never been seen at high profile functions organised by Buganda, appeared dressed in a kanzu for the Masaza Cup final at Mandela National Stadium.

Mbabazi’s dress code matched that of Kabaka’s top officials, leading to speculation that he could have been invited for the match which was graced by thousands of Baganda.

While the Kabaka may not publicly endorse Mbabazi, one can easily tell from his actions.

Owekitiibwa Mulwanyamuli Semwogerere, the former Prime Minister of Buganda Kingdom, participated in the formation of The Democratic Alliance (TDA) protocol in his capacity as ‘eminent person’.

He was among the eminent persons that supported Mbabazi’s 2016 presidential candidature on grounds that the Alliance needed new blood with Besigye supporting the initiative.

Others included Hon Miria Matembe and Fr Gaetano Batanyenda.

“Previously, we received plenty of support from the Kabaka especially during mobilisation. The Kabaka’s aides would quietly campaign for FDC but this may not happen in 2016. Besigye needs new magic to pull it off,” said a highly placed source in FDC.

“You can’t believe it but MP Mpuuga is on Mbabazi’s taskforce. It will be difficult to win key districts in Buganda without support of Kabaka’s men.”

Yet, for Besigye to have an edge over Museveni, he must win Buganda and Eastern regions. Museveni’s support is deeply entrenched in Western Uganda and surprisingly Northern Uganda.

The Cattle corridor districts such as Mpigi, Mubende, Nakasongola, Rakai among others are occupied by pastoralist settlers who usually vote for Museveni.

By wooing Buganda’s King and his former Ministers, Mbabazi is tactfully moving fast to create significant inroads into the central region.

Trickledown effect

Besigye’s problems are not only concentrated in Central Uganda.

It should be remembered that Hon Nandala Mafabi has largely been quiet since the return of Besigye to contest as the FDC flag-bearer.

Mafabi would later use FDC structures to mobilise support for Mbabazi in Eastern Uganda where the latter held three successful political rallies.

This means that Besigye would be shooting himself in the foot by relying on Mafabi in the East.

Abdu Katuntu has openly criticised Besigye, saying after losing thrice to President Museveni, he should give way for the rest to try their luck.

A source says Katuntu will probably back Mbabazi in the 2016 race.

In the North, Besigye is likely to miss the support of Hon Beatrice Anywar.

The Kitgum Woman MP recently accused Besigye of double standards and selfishness.

“What is wrong with welcoming Amama Mbabazi? The NRMs who have done bad things in this country – there should be a reconciliation [ for them], they should be forgiveness, otherwise we are going to continue being in war. That is why am giving a challenge and a burden of challenge to Dr Besigye as a founding member of this party [FDC]. If TDA has decided on another [candidate], don’t bring other issues that ‘he was in government, he did this and that,” charged Anywar recently.

Even on the international scene, Besigye is losing ground.

He was last week attacked by his once close ally Muniini Mulera of failing to “provide leadership” during the turbulent TDA joint flag-bearer selection process.


Asked why he was abandoning Besigye, Sseggona said Besigye claims that FDC has structures up to the village level but “there are areas where there were no polling agents” in the last election.

He said Besigye should bring on board FDC structures “and lend them to the alliance to face our common problem who is Museveni.”

Sseggona said it doesn’t matter how many supporters Mbabazi comes with, adding, “If he is going to serve our interests and help us achieve our common goals that we pursue then he is ours.”

The Makerere-trained lawyer said Mbabazi does not necessarily have to bring to the opposition “big names” since he has expressed determination to dismantle the NRM systems.

Sseggona compared Besigye to a ‘Mukene’ and Mbabazi to a ‘Nile perch’, saying he is comfortable enjoying the big fish.

Besigye recently said political capital accumulates and that it doesn’t matter how many times one contests, giving the example of Nigerian President Muhammudu Buhari whose victory came on the fourth attempt at the highest political office in the land.

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