South Sudan

EXCLUSIVE: Inside UPDF Juba Military Operation

The Uganda People’s Defense Force (UPDF) moved to the troubled northern neighboring South Sudan last week when the current wave of devastating had just started.

ChimpReports has exclusively learnt that Kampala which is definitely the biggest burden receiver of any upheaval in South Sudan, sildenafil did not take it lightly when the first incident happened between the forces loyal to President Salva Kiir and that of his vice Dr. Riek Machar on Thursday.

Uganda’s nervousness about the events in the world’s youngest nation that Kampala significantly contributed in its creation, aggravated on Friday when a horrible gunfire happened in the heart of administration in Juba.

A mysterious and terrible clash at the presidential palace on Friday evening left over 270 dead mostly the special forces of Kiir and Machar and ironically the two principals were together in the same compound commonly known as J1.

Sunday was a turning point in the resumed internal violence in South Sudan when the two factions engaged in a full blown combat against each other using heavy ground and aerial weapons. The entire Juba including the United Nations compound, international airport, home of Machar, J1 and others were shelled with several artillery, Rocket Propelled Grenades and mortar fire.

The tenterhook in Kampala was unbearable as horrible stories came from South Sudan almost after every minute.

According to deep security sources, a special team of UPDF named “Commando Crack Unit” was immediately organized and left Kampala for Juba the very Sunday that the events intensified in the volatile neighbor.

“There was no any way we (Kampala) could just sit and watch the event like rest of the world. Action was inevitable,” a source who preferred anonymity said.


The exact mission of the “Commando Crack Unit” that went on Sunday remains a mystery.

On Monday another sizeable force with mostly heavy fighting vehicles left Kampala in the evening for Juba.

ChimpReports obtained exclusive pictures of over a dozen combat vehicles’ convoy that was heading north on Monday.

This website can also exclusively reveal that the National Security Council converged on Tuesday and resolved for “deployment” in South Sudan. We cannot precisely tell if the deployment is for evacuation or another mission.

The National Security Council (NSC) comprises of the Presidency, ministries of Internal Affairs, Defense and Security.

“A bigger unit moved on Monday. The NSC sat on Tuesday and decided a quick deployment,” another security source confided in ChimpReports.

On Wednesday, Uganda formally announced deployment in South Sudan to strictly evacuate thousands of her citizens trapped there.

The formal force arrived in Juba on Thursday and evacuation started the next day.

Uganda has the biggest number of traders in South Sudan and realizes great revenues monthly in millions of US dollars.

Above all the unstable South Sudan is susceptible to breeding of subversive elements targeting Uganda.

The Lord Resistance Army guerilla rebels that tormented northern Uganda for two decades used the then nearly authority less Southern Sudan as sanctuary.

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