EXCLUSIVE: Inside Singer Ivory Namara’s Battle with Drug Addiction

Singer Ivory Namara, fresh as she is in on the Ugandan music scene, is battling drug addiction, ChimpLyf can exclusively reveal.

The addiction is too strong that it’s threatening to end her young music career, even when it hasn’t taken off.

What seemed to be an act of adventure is putting Namara’s career and life at risk.

The singer was checked into Butabika rehabilitation center a few weeks ago, due to reported excessive consumption of drugs.

Who is Namara?

Namara was raised singlehandedly by her mother in a very humble family.

Formerly living in the diaspora, Ivory later moved with her mother to Uganda a few years ago.

“She didn’t like the idea of moving back home,” a source told ChimpLyf.


Despite the conditions, Ivory concentrated on her career as a musician.

Her diversity saw her do songs in RnB, Dancehall and other genres.

In 2015, she recorded a collabo with A Pass and rapper Atlas on Brian Mckenzie’s album “RudeBoy.”

Ivory Namara (in Black) with Brian Mckenzie and Model Asma Uwase

Battle with Drug Addiction

Unclear on how she started, friends say Ivory is currently what one would call a pure addict.

She would occasionally share paintings on her Instagram portraying smoking women, a sign that she was deep into the obsession.

After botched plans of quitting, Ivory was dragged to rehab recently by family with worries that she was completely losing track of her life.

“She has been there for about three weeks,” a source said about her time in rehab.

Last week, the singer was discharged.

It remains unclear whether she has quit.

Namara is known for songs like “Diamond”, “I see you”, “Winners Circle” among others.

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