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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Police, CMI Hunt for Kaweesi Assassins

The police-led joint investigation into the assassination of Uganda Police spokesperson, viagra http://crownheights.info/wp-includes/functions.wp-styles.php Andrew Felix Kaweesi, pharm http://cupidfemalecondoms.com/wp-includes/author-template.php is considering many leads to apprehend suspects.

IGP Gen Kale Kayihura and Chief of UPDF Military Intelligence, order Col Abel Kandiho on Friday morning gave instructions to investigators to “explore all potential leads” in the hunt for the assassins.

An official who attended the meeting at Kulambiro, where Kaweesi was gunned down by unknown hitmen, told ChimpReports on condition of anonymity so as to speak freely that security chiefs directed “no clue should be ignored lest the whole investigation crumbles.”

The crisis meeting was attended by Kayihura, Kandiho, Security Minister Lt Gen Henry Tumukunde, Kampala Metropolitan Police Chief Frank Mwesigwa, Counter Terrorism Director John Ndugutse and senior operatives from ISO, CMI, State House Counter Intelligence and Police.

One of the key things investigators want to establish is whether the killers used mobile phones to coordinate Kaweesi’s shooting shortly after leaving his residence in Kulambiro.

This would make investigators’ work much easier.

Counter Terrorism experts would easily establish the telephone calls made around 9:30am at Kuba Village where Kaweesi, his bodyguard Kenneth Erau and driver, Godfrey Mambewa were gunned down.

Sources say security has a sophisticated system that allows experts pinpoint the precise location of every phone call made in Uganda.


This means that a call log matrix of phone calls made in Kuba village shortly before the shooting can easily lead to the arrest of suspects.

However, this would base on the assumption that the phones and sim-cards used were new and only used during the possibly rehearsed assassination mission and later discarded.

Police officers manning security at the crime scene on Friday.
Police officers manning security at the crime scene on Friday.

Following the 2010 terror bombings, CMI’s former operations Commander Maj Charles Asiimwe organized a team of experts who scrutinized the phone printouts of all the suspects before their arrest.

Using a sim-card, Asiimwe ran a matrix that led UPDF commandos to the doorsteps of the suspects.

Gen Kayihura yesterday told a media conference at the crime scene that “assailants on a bodaboda trailed him (Kaweesi) for some distance from his home, and while in motion, first fired shots in the air, and then shot at his police vehicle registration no UP 4778, through the hind windscreen, and at the tyres, deflating them.”

He added: “They then showered the vehicle with bullets through the sides and into the vehicle, killing the three occupants. The thugs then fled in the direction of Kisaasi Trading Center on their motorcycle.”


The second lead being pursued by investigators is the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), a fundamentalist Muslim movement led by a one Baluku following the capture of the Supreme Commander, Jamil Mukulu.

Speaking at the crime scene, Gen Tumukunde said the assassins exhibited “courage, efficiency and precision” in the execution of their mission.

An assessment of the Kaweesi’s car showed killers were not only courageous to confront a senior police officer guarded by a commando but also managed to spray the vehicle with bullets.

This implied that the assassins were not worried of the next source of bullets. It also underpinned their level of training – high class and possible vast experience in managing such missions.

Police Ambulances take Kaweesi’s body to the City Mortuary

After the shooting, according to eyewitnesses, the killers opened the car doors to confirm that all the occupants were dead.

“That kind of confidence is synonymous with hardened and experienced battlefield fighters. These are hardcore, well trained and sophisticated gunmen who terminate their targets without an iota of fear,” said a source.

“We can’t rule out the role of ADF because we are well aware their cells are active and continue to receive instructions from Mukulu who is in jail,” an informed operative told this website on Saturday.

Muslim Threats

The third clue is that a section of Muslims recently gave police seven days to return their properties especially computers confiscated during a raid on their Mosque in Kampala.

Police did not comply, pending investigations. On the 7th day of the ultimatum, Kaweesi was gunned down.

The fourth lead is Kaweesi’s personal life. Kaweesi was recently accused of planning the murder of a wealthy businessman known as Wilberforce Wamala.

Wamala was murdered in the early hours of the morning on February 3, 2012 alongside his houseboy Shadiq Mugerwa, at his home in Mutungo, a Kampala suburb.

It’s reported that Wamala intended to divorce before marrying another woman who would enjoy his wealth.

Interestingly, the woman was said to be very close to Kaweesi. Following Wamala’s death, his property was quickly transferred into the woman’s name.

Sources further say Kaweesi was close to a group called Black Jesus, notorious for city murders.

The group was made up of Bashir Mukungu, Muhammad Juma Ntabwe, Shafiq Mukasa, Ronnie Musitwa and Fred Mugabi aka Julius Mujulizi under whose command they operated.

Kaweesi denied all these allegations as baseless and aimed at tarnishing his good reputation.

He also wondered how he could facilitate a murder case without being detected by security.

Kaweesi challenged his accusers to table evidence that he tried to frustrate investigations into Wamala’s murder.

The fifth clue which counter intelligence officers are examining is the rivalry within the top police command.

It’s widely held that President Museveni intends to replace Gen Kayihura as the IGP. Many have been jostling for the fatty position in case he is removed from office.


The assassins of most senior public officials such as Joan Kagezi are yet to be arrested and convicted.

This has raised fears in society that the men who took Kaweesi’s life might never be apprehended.

But Gen Kayihura yesterday said most of the killers and their backers in the murders of a number of Sheiks especially between 2014 and 2015 (including the recent killing in a similar manner of the late Sheik Major Kiggundu) are all behind the bars and before courts of law facing justice.

They include the murders and sponsors of the late Sheik Bahiga in December 2014 at Bwebajja along Entebbe Rd; the late Sheikh Doctoor Muwaya in December 2014 at Mayuge District; the late Sheik Kirya which occurred in 2015 in Bweyogerere trading center; two police officers shot in 2015 while guarding the home of Lady Justice Mwondha; the late Tito Okware, the Chairman LCIII Namayingo District, the Late Sheick Kiguundi in Masanafu where our suspects were arrested and charged in court.

“Even in the pending case of the late Joan Kagezi, we have established very good clues towards the identity of the thugs that gunned her down,” said Kayihura.

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