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Exclusive: Inside Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba Late Night Tweets and ‘Bachwezi’ Tales

Senior Presidential Advisor in charge of Special Operations, Lt Gen Muhoozi Kainerugaba, has spoken out on his late night tweets which have sparked speculation on social media.

Muhoozi recently tweeted about the “Bachwezi” who are understood as the founders of the ancient empire of Kitara which included areas of Uganda; northern Tanzania, western Kenya and Eastern Congo.

“The last two ‘Bachwezi’ in history! My father and the last king of Nkore! Mzee Museveni and Afande Rubereza in 1981. Obote should have surrendered immediately! Nobody on earth can defeat ‘Bachwezi’”, said Muhoozi.

Many Ugandans know Bachwezi as people who possessed spiritual powers and were therefore accorded the status of demi- gods and worshipped by some local people at the time.

He also tweeted about his spirituality, saying, “But a very good Christian friend of mine taught me that they are all reflections of the Greatest Fighter of all time…Jesus Christ!”

Considering that some of his Tweets hit the wire after midnight, some media enthusiasts speculated that something had gone wrong with Muhoozi.

Prominent researcher, Timothy Kalyegira Tweeted: “I’m starting to get quite concerned about Lt. Gen. Kainerugaba’s tweet tone. That’s not the thoughtful, solid person I remember from years ago. Even if somebody is tweeting on his behalf, the fact that the tweets are not retracted means it’s his thinking.”

Muhoozi speaks out

Contacted this Friday morning, a jovial Gen Muhoozi expressed surprise that Ugandans were yet to appreciate the context of his tweets.

“For me ‘Bachwezi’ in military terms means geniuses,” said Muhoozi in an exclusive interview with ChimpReports.

“A Muchwezi is a person who displays extraordinary talents of mind and temperament,” he added.

“Bachwezi can be in any profession and from any country on earth. I consider Muhammad Ali, Michael Jordan and Michael Jackson to have all been Bachwezi.”

The former Special Forces Commander gave the example of Carl von Clausewitz (1780-1831), one of the greatest military theorists in history who said of military genius,  “… what we must do is survey all those gifts of mind and temperament that in combination bear on military activity, taken together constitute the essence of military genius.”

He also cited Carl von Clausewitz who described a military genius as “That superb display of divination, the sovereign eye of genius…”

Asked why he Tweets late in the night, Muhoozi said social media platforms don’t have a specific time for posting content.

He gave the example of many world leaders and influential figures who post on their social media platforms “even at 5:00am.”

Pressed to explain why he’s Tweeting about the Bachwezi at a time Uganda is grappling with a COVID-19 crisis, Muhoozi challenged us to check his Twitter handle, saying, “for the last two months, I’ve been retweeting and sharing content about government efforts in combating Coronavirus.”

We found that Muhoozi retweeted five posts about COVID-19 between April 24 – May 9.

Some of the posts were presidential speeches and statements of government officials and also on his birthday when he said, “I also want to remember all the brave health care workers that continue keeping us safe during this COVID-19 pandemic. Godbless you all!”

Muhoozi has in recent weeks been active in engaging followers on his Twitter handle and sharing content on current affairs regarding global economics, security and politics.

His increased use of social media is a great departure from the calm demeanor and generally withdrawn figure from the public eye.

He recently opened Facebook (Muhoozi Kainerugaba) and Instagram (mkainerugaba) pages in what was seen as a move to deepen social engagement with fans, attracting considerable public attention. 

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