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EXCLUSIVE: Inside Al Qaeda Plot to Assassinate Museveni

By Chris Magezi

The Special Forces Command is not surprised but nonetheless takes seriously the report by CNN that reveals a plot in 2010 by former Al Qaeda leader Osama Bin Laden to have the President assassinated by their proxy in Somalia – the al Shabaab.

President Yoweri Museveni is an important political-military leader in the region, rx and has been at the forefront of resolving conflicts in the region – Rwanda, Burundi, DRC, Southern Sudan and now Somalia.

Internally, he has tackled reactionary forces such as the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA), the Allied Democratic Forces (ADF), and cattle rustlers in Karamoja.

The former two (LRA and the ADF) are internationally designated terrorist organizations, who for a long time were actively supported and funded by the government of Sudan (Khartoum).

In essence therefore, the President’s noble and progressive commitments both at home and in the region have earned him many enemies – enemies composed of all these negative and backward force that operate within our backyard.

Uganda works very closely with regional and international partners in the security sector to combat these negative forces, such as the global effort to fight transnational terrorism.

This collaboration includes exchanging important and classified intelligence, but I cannot confirm at this moment whether this particular assassination plot against the life of the President was shared with our international security partners.


However, in all this, the approach of the Special Forces Command has been simple: to be vigilant and alert at all times. We are ready and sufficiently equipped to deal with any forms of threat against the presidency whether these threats are real or imaginary.

The myriad of threats that threaten not only the security of the President but indeed the entire country and her citizens have been well managed to date.

For emphasis, at no time has the President’s security been in grave danger, and as you might be aware, the President has been going on about his duties uninterrupted for many years.

The important lesson from this latest CNN intelligence report is that it further affirms the dangers that live with us in the modern world today: a world full of threats and negative forces that are ready to pounce if we let our guard down, even for a brief moment.

These forces might be already active, or are still in the latent stage. As the Special Forces, we are cognizant of the level of threats we have to deal with on a regular basis, and have to that extent gone the extra mile to prepare efficiently and effectively to counter them.

Chris Magezi


SFC Spokesman 

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