Exclusive: Innovator Nkaheza Injured as Home-made Aircraft Crash-lands in Mbarara

Joseph Nkaheza, a youthful innovator, has been admitted in a worrying condition after his home-made chopper crash-landed in Mbarara, Western Uganda.

Nkaheza was carrying out a ‘test flight’ of his ‘aircraft’ when it came tumbling.

The incident occurred on Monday evening, according to eyewitnesses.

“Nkaheza sustained injuries on his head but his brain was not affected,” said Amos Mugizi, a medical official who has been monitoring the innovator’s condition at Ruti Clinic along Mbarara-Kabale road.

Nkaheza was approached by a several people who pestered him to prove his potential that he could fly the chopper.

They further challenged him to demonstrate that the so-called chopper could fly.

Nkaheza being attended to by a nurse at Ruti clinic on Tuesday

“Nkaheza had taken long without flying his chopper. This time round he wanted to make a point but the consequences were not good at all,” said Mugizi.

As soon as Mugizi ignited the chopper’s engine, the crowd gathered and cheered him on: “Captain Amos (Nkaheza), make us proud…”


The home-made aircraft had climbed about 16 feet when Nkaheza failed to take full control.

As the chopper started hurtling towards the ground, the shocked crowd scampered for safety.

Nkaheza (L) is hospitalised after a chopper accident

Fearing the worst, Nkaheza was helped out of the chopper by Good Samaritans and rushed the nearest clinic where he is recuperating.

Medical officials told ChimpReports that Nkaheza would be discharged in the not-too-distant future.

This is the second time Nkaheza is being involved in a chopper accident.

He injured his hands a couple of years ago as he attempted a ‘flight test’ in Mbarara town.

He had flown the plane for about 10 minutes only to fail the landing test.

“I really didn’t know what to do at that critical moment. So, I decided to switch off the engine and crash-landed,” he told the media recently.

Orphaned at the age of 17, Nkaheza tried out many odd jobs to survive.

He, however, developed a special interest in mechanics and managed to assemble motorbikes out of steel among other fabrications.

Nkaheza’s home-made chopper has turned him into a superstar in Mbarara.

He has since urged government to financially support his initiative.

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