Exclusive: Gov’t Dares Besigye on ‘UPDF Mutiny’

The Ugandan government has challenged Dr Besigye to reveal the identities of soldiers detained for participating in mutinous activities.
Speaking at an FDC workshop in Soroti on Tuesday, treat http://cgt06.fr/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/3rd-party/woocommerce-services.php Besigye said, stuff http://christiansforve.org.au/wp-includes/meta.php “there are many security people that have been arrested on charges of planning a mutiny.”
He further stated that “Makindye barracks is full of soldiers accused of planning a mutiny. Museveni now fears his own shadow.”
Government spokesperson Ofwono Opondo did not take these comments lightly.
In an interview with ChimpReports, Opondo said government would be “glad to open it for public inspection to establish if there are any mutinous soldiers with political motives to change government there.”
Opondo said there is “no mutiny in any section of the armed services but we believe that Besigye is making that false claim to attract attention.”
He added: “Let him name the officers and brigade or battalions they are from.”
Cases of soldiers planning subversive activities have been reported in the country in the last few years.
The UPDF has always come out strongly to crush the suspected perpetrators with most of the accused being prosecuted and jailed.
In Soroti, Besigye claimed that Museveni has not been spending on production but rather on protecting himself against defiance.
“And what he relies on – that is the power of the gun, he has lost trust of his security forces. In the last election, we won at all barracks,” said Besigye.
The opposition strongman further submitted that “security officers are part of us because they face the problems all Ugandans face.”
Opondo rubbished this claim, questioning Besigye’s credibility.
“Besigye claimed way back in 2001 that 90 percent of the army and police support him, today he says they work for Museveni,” said Opondo.
In his speech, Besigye ruled out using force to remove the sitting government.

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