EXCLUSIVE: What Next for Gen Sejusa?

The embattled NRM Secretary General, website Amama Mbabazi on Saturday night stormed out of the Central Executive Committee meeting held at State House, mind Entebbe.

This was after CEC voted to have an appointed Secretary General of the party. The meeting earlier held discussions on whether an SG should be appointed or elected by delegates.

As soon as the matter was put to vote, Mbabazi and his wife Jacqueline voted for an elective SG.

It is widely thought the move is aimed at empowering the party chairman, who is president Museveni, to appoint and disappoint the SG which would pave way for Mbabazi’s sacking.

The decision of CEC will be put to the attention of the delegates’ conference on December 15 for endorsement.

NRM Deputy Spokesperson, Ofwono Opondo, confirmed the development. “The NRM Central Executive Committee (CEC) has voted to recommend to NEC that Secretary General and Deputy be appointive.”

He added: “NRM Secretary General Amama Mbabazi and wife Jacqueline walk out of CEC after being defeated in a vote to appoint SG.”

Critics have warned that concentration of plenty of powers in Museveni’s hands could stifle the growth of internal democracy in the party.


But supporters of the new resolution say it’s necessary to control rebellious elements within the party.

The Presidential Special Information and Research Assistant, Morrison Rwakakamba, said Mbabazi “is a bad loser.”

He added: “The matter of appointed SG was put to vote. When he lost the vote he walked out – this dents his credentials as a democratic.  Now Ugandans don’t consider him an authentic democrat and leader.”

Rwakakamba further stated, “Mbabazi’s walk out exposes his ulterior motives to use intrigue as a pathway to Presidency instead of going through constitutional channels as laid out in NRM constitution.”

The CEC which is the second highest ranking organ of the party, recently ordered Mbabazi to take a leave from office as SG, accusing him of intrigue, forming cliques, undermining the party chairman and engaging in acts thought to be subversive.

Mbabazi denies the charges and maintains he will not contest for president in 2016.

This website also understands that Mbabazi had refused to pick his invitation for the CEC meeting.

“We took Mbabazi’s invitation card and that of his wife to their residence in Kololo. Surprisingly, Mbabazi refused to come out to pick his. We insisted that he picks it himself but he refused to come out of his house. After some time, Jacqueline decided to take the card and give it to him,” said an impeccable source.

The developments come at a time when the NRM is planning to hold its delegates conference on Monday, a function expected to endorse Museveni’s sole candidature in the 2016 elections.
In early 2013, approved Gen David Sejusa, more about the then powerful and dreaded Coordinator of Intelligence Organs, who also doubled as the army representative in Parliament, wrote to the Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga that he intended to travel abroad on official business and that he would return soon.

At the time, Sejusa had started making calls to newspapers, denouncing the NRM government and warning against “arrogance” and “impunity” within the ruling system.

Sejusa is suspected to have leaked his own classified letter to ISO boss Ronnie Barya, calling for an investigation into reports that those opposed to the so-called ‘Muhoozi Project’ including himself, then Prime Minister Amama Mbabazi and Gen Aronda Nyakairima, were being targeted for assassination.

He later fled to United Kingdom.

Government responded firmly to the accusations by arresting Sejusa’s suspected military and civilian collaborators. His office was searched by police before being shut down.

Newspapers which published contents of the leaked letter were searched and temporarily closed.

It was reported then that Sejusa was in the final stages of overthrowing the government by penetrating the Special Forces Command to assess its strength and logistical capabilities.

Sejusa’s departure sent shockwaves in security. Museveni scrambled some of his finest investigators to make the “most comprehensive notes” on the fugitive General‘s next step.

Sources said CMI boss Brig Charles Bakahumura met some opposition figures whom he facilitated to track Sejusa to see if there is any collaboration with ADF leader Jamil Mukulu.

In London, Sejusa developed ties with Col John Ogole, the former commander of Obote’s mobile ‘Special Forces’ that gave NRA a bloody nose in Luweero.

Interestingly, Gen Sejusa was part of NRA which would later defeat Ogole at the battle of Kembogo, a decisive combat action that broke the spine of Obote’s battle-hardened force – leading to the eventual collapse of his government and the Okello Junta.

Early this year, Sejusa appeared to have created a nucleus of opposition forces in the Diaspora around which all anti-Museveni elements would coalesce to form a formidable force to challenge the president’s hold on power since 1986.

During his stay in London, Sejusa criticised Museveni’s government, labelling him a ‘dictator’ and also vowed to use ‘all necessary means’ to oust the latter.

The opposition was hugely excited by Sejusa’s fall from grace, with Col Kizza Besigye, who was the fugitive general’s best man at his first wedding, saying he would cooperate with him in his efforts to remove Museveni from power.

At one time, Sejusa vowed to return to Kampala “even if it means putting my life on the line” only to cancel his flight at the last minute. Police had deployed heavily along Entebbe road to facilitate his arrest.

It was not until 3:00am On December 14 when Sejusa arrived at Entebbe International Airport. The news of his arrival shocked and surprised Ugandans, with many speculating that Sejusa was in exile to spy on Museveni’s enemies.

However, family sources say Sejusa was sick.

Just a few weeks ago, one of Sejusa’s relatives travelled to London to meet him. The General was found in a bad health condition despite his militarist composure.

The family told Chimpreports that Sejusa has been struggling with asthma. His stay in the wintry conditions of London made his condition worse.

“Sejusa’s wife and niece were appalled by Sejusa’s worsening health. They feared he would die from London. So they contacted an old lady who is a close friend of Museveni and Gen Salim Saleh to allow his safe return in Uganda so that he can be cared for,” said a source.

Museveni is known for such magnanimity in regard to saving people’s lives. The State House spends billions of shillings every year to support ailing relatives and friends of president Museveni.

When opposition DP President Norbert Mao fell ill in Gulu, a chopper was quickly mobilised with the consent of president Museveni to airlift him to Kampala for treatment. It is said State House footed Mao’s medical bills at Nairobi Hospital, a claim the opposition politician denies.

So, when Museveni was informed about Sejusa’s condition, he directed security chiefs to plan for his return. He will be provided security and funds for his welfare.

In return, Sejusa is expected to cooperate with security to reveal all the negative plans being hatched by exiles and local opposition forces against Museveni.

Some hostile European countries which could have approached him to support his intentions to fight government will be revealed by the General. Sources say a huge reshuffle in security is also anticipated.

What next?

A military source said Museveni is likely to order the military court to prosecute Sejusa for desertion and spreading harmful propaganda to send a message to young officers that there is a price for indiscipline.

During the court hearing, meetings will be held between Sejusa’s family and Museveni to secure an apology and other commitments from him before he is let off the hook.

Ugandans speak out

Renegade UPDF officer, Col Samson Mande said Sejusa returned after “completing his mission.”

He added: “Tinyefuza is Mzee’s (Museveni) worker, he is not a threat. May be Mzee wants just some briefing and to welcome him from a mission accomplished.”

Morrison Rwakakamba, a presidential aide in charge of research and information, says Sejusa’s homecoming “serves as a critical lesson to those who quickly go with the whirlwind of Museveni’s supposedly enemies and critics.”

The aide further observed: “What if Sejusa was an intelligence operation? What if TVO is an operation? It is a moment to reflect on the bigger picture of reflective politics as opposed to politics of Museveni ‘Agende’, that surprisingly some of our dear elites are easily falling for.”

The leader of opposition in Parliament, Wafula Oguttu said the General was always going to return home at some point in time.

“The questions we should be asking are under what circumstances has he returned? Has he once again abandoned the struggle for change? It is interesting that none of his handlers is giving us some official statement about his return!”  he added.

Anthony Masake posted on Facebook: “What a Sunday. ??Sejusa arrives in the middle of the night; media houses sniff the story hours later. Kayihura and his boys were no show at the Airport at the time of arrival minutes after 3am. Now, the man must be taking Bushera in Sembabule.”

Prince Nasser Sr: “Me thinks, government got so scared about planned protests for tomorrow and believe he is the only soldier that can squash such under his command. Why would he come back ‘today’ and not be ‘arrested’ and his return just seem to be a normal return?”

FDC spokesperson, John Kikonyogo said the return of Sejusa is “educative to easily excitable opposition individuals. For some of us it is normal. No surprises to me.”

Bright Anthony a political commentator says, “By the mere fact that he was received by ISO boss Barya at the airport, it says it all. I believe they had a fall out with Museveni but Museveni like he has done with all his comrades must have reached out to him to negotiate his return. Secondly, Museveni will use this gesture to demonstrate to us that after all he is not what we have always thought him to be.”

On whether Sejusa’s return will not leave Mbabazi isolated, Bright chipped in: “Well, I think Mbabazi has his concerns which are much older than Tinye’s 2013 issues. He too wants power but as usual and as already been seen, Museveni will try as much as possible to make peace with him.”

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