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EXCLUSIVE: Gen Kale Kayihura Fears for his Life

Gen Kale Kayihura

The former Inspector General of Police Gen Kale Kayihura lives in fear for his life following the assassination of high profile figures in society, his family said Wednesday.

“We are really worried about his (Kayihura) safety,” said a close family member.

“Noting that the people who have been shot were targets by the ADF, and Kayihura’s name was number one on that list, we have reason to be more worried.”

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The General’s relative preferred anonymity, citing privacy concerns.

Before being removed from the position of IGP, General Kayihura and his associates were convinced that Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) were behind the murders of clerics, government officials and security officers.

This opinion was early this year expressed by president Museveni.

An official told ChimpReports that ADF released a list of “people to kill” on which Kayihura, the late Maj Mohammed Kiggundu and Kaweesi featured prominently.

And a few months before he was relieved of his duties, Kayihura said he felt unsecure whenever he was at his office at the Naguru police headquarters.

“This should be a wake-up call to our officers here.  I don’t feel safe here because the security personnel seem to have relaxed,” said Kayihura who had just returned from leave.

Yet, the facility was guarded by specialised commando units of the Police Counter Terrorism squad.

“I am not satisfied with the access control measures and perimeter security installments here. The responsible people need to beef it up. This should be adhered by all police stations because we are now targets of these acts. You should be cautious of even your own shadows,” he cautioned.

Last week’s murder of former police officer Muhammad Kirumira increased the tension in Kayihura’s family.

The family members said they have reached a stage where they now “expect the worst to happen…Knowing that there is no one to keep him safe any longer and the Government is failing on security particularly this year.”

Kayihura was recently handed a brand new vehicle and is secured by the military police personnel.

This website understands Kayihura was expected in the country yesterday after spending a week in Kenya’s capital, Nairobi where he was doing medical tests.

Kayihura travelled with Brigadier Musinguzi, Chief of Medical Services and was admitted at the Nairobi Hospital on Wednesday, September 5.

The family said it “feels that there are strong coalitions hell-bent on destabilizing the country and continually framing Kale Kayihura because he is an easy target, mainly because of his continual silence and willingness to sacrifice even his own reputation.”

And secondly, a relative said, “Because he is so well-known as a result of his position. It is by now clear that accusations against him have been fabricated in the past, a fact that has been especially well documented in the case of Kaweesi’s murder. There is a feeling that these accusations are used to distract from the fact that the security situation has drastically deteriorated since his dismissal.”

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