EXCLUSIVE: Elite Ugandan Forces Prepare for Combat Action inside DRC

With fears rising along the Uganda-DRC border that rebel Allied Democratic Forces (ADF) might be preparing for military action, Ugandan armed forces have continued to build up their arsenals and artillery prowess in preparation for war.

Dozens of battle tanks and armored fighting vehicles have been stationed near the border as they prepare to blend with Congo’s mountainous terrain.

Army spokesperson Brig Richard Karemire recently confirmed deployment of soldiers and heavy equipment at the border, saying, “That is where they are supposed to be to protect our sovereignty and territorial integrity.”

He further said UPDF chiefs held a “border security meeting on how to enhance intelligence sharing.”

By Friday morning, sources said UPDF had intensified counter intelligence gathering operations using sophisticated technology to identify camps and command posts ahead of planned attacks in the coming days or weeks.

The latest development offers a window into how a new generation of UPDF commanders are using updated tactics and strategies to deal a huge blow to the terrorist group blamed for the recent killings of UN peacekeepers in DRC.

Highly placed sources said Uganda could employ aerial assaults and commando paratroopers in the mission aimed at uprooting what President Museveni believes is the only remaining armed Ugandan rebel movement in the region.

“UPDF commanders have trained a younger force comprising mountain brigades mainly to face such a shadowy terrorist groups in the region,” said a source who preferred anonymity so as to speak freely.


UPDF Forces recently received specialized training in mountain warfare which has allowed them to adapt to coldness and mountainous areas.

Due to the expansive territory occupied by ADF, which is said to be collecting taxes and selling charcoal, UPDF requires thousands of troops for the foreseeable future.

The cost of maintaining the troops will run in millions of dollars if the operation lasts longer as planned by UPDF commanders.

The UPDF has also increased patrols on the border to block possible infiltrations.

The recent ADF attack raised fears that it posed a significant military threat, compelling Uganda to amass modern infantry forces, tanks and artillery.

“UPDF planners and intelligence officials are closely watching ADF operations in DRC and studying their weaponry, tactics, structures and abilities before acting,” a source observed.

“We are ready to act as soon as we are told to do so,” the source emphasized.

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