Ex PPP boss Ikilai Stings Muhakanizi in a Hard-hitting Letter

Beatrice Florah Ikilai, the former acting Director Public Private Partnerships (PPPs), has authored a controversial letter to the Finance Ministry Permanent Secretary, Keith Muhakanizi, expressing her heartache after being removed from her job.

Muhakanizi on June 12, 2018 directed Ikilai to hand over the PPP office to the accounting officer, Betty Kazimbazi.

Muhakanizi also rescinded her secondment as the acting Director PPP Unit.

ChimpReports understands Ikilai was kicked out over incompetence as during her three-year tenure, no single PPP was undertaken.

Ikilai responded with a scathing letter, telling off Muhakanizi to “look deep inside your heart and do what pleases God and not what pleases man.”

In her defence, Ikilai said she had promoted the unit “to the level that now it has attracted international recognition.”

Ikilai’s letter to Muhakanizi

She told off Muhakanizi “to always administer fair treatment that deserves God’s appreciation and glory,” adding.

Ikilai also said she attended the funeral of Muhakanizi’s “late mother and I noted that you come from a highly Christian family, your father was a Cannon and your mother was a very kind and ardent religious woman.”


She added: “So whatever treatment you are administering to me before God, you should ask yourself whether this is a far treatment even in this Gog-give position that you hold as a Permanent Secretary, because earthly things in the bible it’s said it is ‘vanities of vanity.’”

Officials said this is the most touching yet stinging letters Muhakanizi has ever received from a female government official.

Contacted, Muhakanizi told ChimpReports; “I did not fire her. She was on secondment from the Privatization Unit and she has gone back.”

Officials who saw her missive said “the letter alone shows Ikilai lacked managerial prowess”, adding, “she should have let Muhakanizi’s mother to rest in peace.”

Ikilai has since been replaced with Finance Ministry publicist, Jim Mugunga.

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