Ex Minister Kabafunzaki Promises Cash to All Bereaved Families in Rukiga

Herbert Kabafunzaki, the Rukiga County MP has said he will be paying Shs 40,000 to every person that lost a loved one in his constituency, since the start of the Covid19 lockdown in March.

Kabafunzaki made the pledge while addressing residents of Ibumba in Rwamucucu sub county, Rukiga district over the weekend.

Speaking at the rally, he said it has been his practice since 2016 to support bereaved families, but that he was compelled to stop after the Covid19 outbreak.

The MP served as State Minister of Labor, Employment and Industrial Relations until 2017 when he was fired on allegations of soliciting a bribe from an investor.

He told the people at the rally that in March, some people went and reported him to President Museveni that he was handing out cash at funerals which was encouraging masses to attend, in disregard of the Presidential Covid19 restrictions.

“I used to give Shs 40,000 as condolence but I had to stop after some jealous people in Rukiga went and reported me to president Museveni,” he said.

“But now I am asking anyone who lost a loved one in the time of the lockdown to come and I will give them the money”.

Kabafunzaki is seeking re-election as Rukiga County MP.


Recently, he said he had enough money at his disposal to shake off any political competition in this race.

A Poll released yesterday by Research World International found that MP elections have the highest levels of voter bribery, compared to the Presidential and other local government elections.

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