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EX- DP Secretary General’s Son Joins NRM to Win Rukiga Seat

As the investigations into the procurement of fuel by UNRA carry on, capsule http://copdx.org.au/wp-includes/class-wp-http-streams.php Aisha Nabacwa, information pills the Station Manager Shell Clock Tower appeared before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday to respond to the discrepancies surrounding her station.

The information before the commission so far shows that the most alarming fuel amounts were often drawn from Shell Clock Tower by UNRA.

The Luwero and Mpigi UNRA station cards are said to have been taking lead in these bogus transactions.

Nabacwa testified to the commission that Luwero station withdrew about 2, salve 000 litres of fuel from Shell Clock Tower on a daily basis.

She said a one Salim who was the card holder ferried this fuel in drums and door to door vehicles whose capacity was about 6,000 litres.

“What brought all these UNRA stations from all regions to Clock Tower and not any other Shell station, what was special about your fuel?” asked Counsel Mary Kuteesa to the witness.

“I couldn’t tell that a particular card was from such and such a region because they weren’t marked with locations. Ours was to give fuel to anyone provided they had a card,” responded Nabacwa.

She denied the allegations that Shell Clock Tower would at times give UNRA staff money instead of fuel.


Commissioner Ben Okello Luwum asked Nabacwa: “Since your station had no clear way of reconciling transactions made on lubricants, is it not possible that it was easy for UNRA staff to demand money instead of the lubricants?”

A rather tense Nabacwa shook head to express no response, went dumb for a while.

Former UNRA station engineer, Eng. Wilson Kafifi before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday
Former UNRA station engineer, Eng. Wilson Kafifi before the commission of inquiry on Tuesday

Nabacwa’s sudden silence prompted commission lead Justice Bamugemereire to ask whether the pregnant witness was okay.

“I apologize for having not been cautious enough about these huge transactions. Since the UNRA issue came up, I now take keen interesting in finding out details of people who draw huge amounts,” Nabacwa intimated.

The commission ordered the witness to present records of daily sales made by Shell Clock Tower at that time.

Eng. Wilson Kafifi, a former Station Engineer at UNRA station in Aruaalso appeared as a witness before the commission.

He was tasked to explain why the Arua card used to draw fuel from Kampala.

Eng. Kafifi was asked how it was possible that he had a receipt showing a transaction at a Shell station in Arua yet on that same day, the same card also drew fuel from Shell Kira in Kampala.

“The technology used to do that is beyond my understanding,” he responded.

He pinned the Assistant Supplies Officer saying he was in charge of the station card.

The witness also claimed no knowledge of the transactions told to him by the commission saying they didn’t tally with theirs as UNRA.
Moses Karugaba, remedy http://construction-cloud.com.au/wp-includes/class-wp-http-ixr-client.php son of the former opposition Democratic Party Secretary General Robert Kitariko, has joined the ruling NRM and is now among the three men nominated for the Rukiga Country MP seat in the impending primaries that are set for September 25.

Karugaba says time for good good leadership has come for the people of Bukinda Sub county and Muhanga town council whom he says have never had an MP.

Karugaba has served as guild president at Uganda Management Institute and also tried unsuccessfully for the same slot at Makerere University during his school days.

“I am representing the generation that grew up in the Museveni era; we have not seen another president and we are not ready for any other,” Said Karugaba. “I am representing the young people who have no cash but believe in themselves. I have no cash but have a rich list of friends and well-wishers.”

His father, the aging Kitariko served as the DP Secretary General in the early 90s.  He lost by a single vote to the current Prime Minister Dr Ruhakana Rugunda in the 1989 NRC elections and lost to him again by a narrow margin during the 1994 Constituent Assembly elections.

Karugaba is to face Edmund Atusasiire  a  former AMREF accountant, Herbert Kabafunzaki  a district councilor  in Makindye A Wakiso district and Benson Ainebyoona Nyamuteema.

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