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BBA Hotshot, Ellah Returns Today

Phina Mugerwa is one of Uganda’s most talented female dancers and singers. She talked to ChimpCorp, see Orville Muhumuza about her background and her love life.


ChimpLyf: Who is Phina Mugerwa?

Phina Mugerwa: Phina is a loving mother, page honest person and a musician who likes what she does in the industry.  I can’t say it all but all I can say is that I am a properly brought up person. I do find myself very friendly with other persons I work with.

ChimpLyf: Can you please tell us about your background?

Phina Mugerwa: I am a daughter of Francis Kiwanuka and Kemigisha Kiwanuka who live in Kawaala. I am a city born!!!!  They did care about my education and they made sure I was well groomed and brought up the way an African girl should.

ChimpLyf: What about your musical background?

Phina Mugerwa: I started my music career in 2007 after completing my senior six.   I didn’t doubt my musical talent and indeed it has brought me success because I currently value myself as one of the most successful female musicians in Uganda.


ChimpLyf: What about your academic history?

Phina Mugerwa: I started out at Namirembe kindergarten, Namirembe Infant School from primary one up to primary seven and then St. Andrew Kaggwa College for my secondary school. By the way, I was a very serious girl when it came to time for reading books I do remember being a very good performer in class.

ChimpLyf: What inspired you to go in for music as a career?

Phina Mugerwa: Actually, I was inspired by many factors including persons like Jose chameleon who were big figures in the industry. I thought that Uganda was the right place to sell my singing and dancing abilities.

ChimpLyf: Who is your manager, and how did you meet?

Phina Mugerwa: My manager is called Mariam Nalubega. She is almost a sister to me. We have been good friends for a long time.We meet at the PAM Awards some time back and I have great hope and trust in her

ChimpLyf: How many children do you have, and where do you exactly live?

Phina Mugerwa: Ooooohhh…  I only have one son who I love so much. I do spend lots of time with him. In fact, he does sleep with me and he is my only thought whenever I am away from home. I do sometimes leave him with the maid and my cousin when I am away from home to perform


ChimpLyf: What is your favorite book and movie?

Phina Mugerwa: Think Like Man, Act Like A Woman. I don’t think there will ever be a book better than that. Its movie is also my favorite. I also liked Takers.

ChimpLyf: On the local scene, which artist do you look up to?

Phina Mugerwa: Aaaah Chameleon… He knows what he does and he is one of those who encouraged me to take on music as a career in life and for the female I do cherish Joanita kawalya. She is my lovely music icon.

ChimpLyf:  What is your best meal or dish?

Phina Mugerwa: Matooke served with pasted fish. I like it served hot because I am a Muganda.  I do cherish my tribe. Though my mother is mixed with Rwandese and a Banyankole blood, matooke is my favorite meal.

ChimpLyf: What is your best moment in life?

Phina Mugerwa: I can’t forget the day I gave birth to my dear son. I find it exciting telling someone one how great it is for me to be a mother of a healthy child like mine.

ChimpLyf:  What is the worst moment so far in your life?

Phina Mugerwa: Oooh my God, I even never want to be reminded of that incident. It’s when a certain singer slept with my man.

ChimpLyf: Could you please tell us about your other business besides music?

Phina Mugerwa: I do own a baby clothes shop in Entebbe which earns me some income besides music, I do have a children’s dance training facility where we do train children to dance and how to model.

ChimpLyf: How many cars do your own and could you tell us about your previous cars?

Phina Mugerwa: Hahaha, I have driven a series of rides including a corona, starlet, Rav 4, Mini Pajero and currently, I am driving a white Cresta. That doesn’t mean I wouldn’t want to drive a Ferrari. It’s my favorite.

ChimpLyf: ‘Masanyalaze’, ‘Uganda’s shakira’ where did these titles originate from?

Masanyalaze was due to my electrifying dance tactics and Uganda’s Shakira was because I confessed that she is my role model.


ChimpLyf: With your big interest in Shakira, have you met or contacted her about a musical collaboration?

Phina Mugerwa: Yes of course, I have spoken with her and we are good friends. We do usually chat together and we share dancing views. I do expect better and more in the future but can’t promise you a collaboration with her soon.


ChimpLyf: Speaking of Kenny Muyiisa, is he the father to your child?

Phina Mugerwa: Eh, come on! Yes. Who else would be the father of my child? We had this child 2 years back when I was with Muyiisa but I don’t know what blinded him to mess up his life with…… [she keeps quiet and bites her lip].

I know she is only with him for his money and their relationship will not last.

ChimpLyf: And could you tell us about what kind of business your ex operated in South Africa?

Phina Mugerwa: Eehehh… No please!! I don’t know [Laughs]

ChimpLyf: Do you have beef with anyone   ?

Phina Mugerwa: Of course no, maybe if someone has it on me but as for me, I have no beef with anyone. Most times its exaggerations by the press .and I never believe in success coming from beefing each other but rather unity….hehehe [laughs]

ChimpLyf: Would you talk with Cindy?

Phina Mugerwa: Of Couse I feel bad but we haven’t talked. However, that doesn’t mean we’re not friends

Phina Mugerwa: I take her as my sister, like any one, and I don’t blame her because that’s what anyone could have done.

ChimpLyf: Can you tell us why you separated with the father of your child?

Phina Mugerwa: Honestly, it’s my secret. There are many stories about that incident but trust me, me and Kenny only know what separated us and I can’t let such a secret go to the media. I still respect him as the father of my only child.

ChimpLyf:  If Kenny walked to you and asked for your forgiveness, would you grant him a chance?

Phina Mugerwa: Never and never will I get back to Kenny, he was very sober taking such a decision. I do try to stay away from his presence to avoid embarrassment.

ChimpLyf: Are you seeing another man, and who could that be?

Phina Mugerwa: No, of course it will take me long to think about dating another man, because as a mother, I have to take care of my son.

Though after a while, I will have to as any other woman would have done, but currently expect nothing to do with another man

ChimpLyf: What do you say about artists who expose their nude photos to the public?

Phina Mugerwa: I personally don’t take nude photos because I find it immoral.

For my friends, Desire and Brenda I encourage them to start a new life because however much they try, they can’t reverse what has already come into hands of the public.

ChimpLyf: What word of encouragement would you offer to your fans and what should they expect?

Phina Mugerwa: I love all my fans, thanks for your support in every aspect in the hard times and even when things are good, all I promise is not to embarrass you and to keep the music coming.

Mugerwa speaking to her manager
Mugerwa speaking to her manager
Phina rehearsing with band
Phina rehearsing with band
Phina dances during the interview
Phina dances during the interview
Former Ugandan Big Brother representative, check Stella Nantumbwe alias Ellah who was evicted from the house last Sunday – just a week shy of the grand finale – is set to jet into the country Monday evening.

She arrives at exactly 7 pm at Entebbe International Airport where she will be received by fans and media.

Ellah, physician who was evicted a week ago, about it has been chilling in South Africa and must have stayed to witness the grand finale where her lover, Tanzania’s Idris bagged the USD300,000 prize money, beating his Nigerian rival, Tayo.

Ellah who was nominated for eviction several times was always saved by Africa until her luck ran out just a week before the grand finale when she was evicted.

The huge following former Miss Uganda attained during her stay in the Big Brother house is ready to receive her at Entebbe International Airport when she arrives and give her the warmest welcome even though she did not make it to the finals.

After receiving her, the fans and journalists will then proceed to Rose Mary’s Courts in Entebbe opposite Faze3 where a press conference and media interviews will be held.

Our Chimp Corp will be there to bring you the exclusive interview where she will talk about her experience in the house, Idris and several other interesting developments.

She will also discuss her plans after the house and how she will use her newly found fame across Africa.


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