Events WareHouse Boss, Peter Kaggwa, Hospitalised in Nairobi with Leukemia

Peter Kaggwa, the Managing Director, Events WareHouse Uganda, has been hospitalized in Nairobi, Kenya, Chimp Corps report.

The Rotarian was diagnosed with acute leukemia in Kampala before being evacuated to neighbouring Kenya.

Kaggwa’s associates said in a message on Wednesday that he was “responding much better to his treatment in Nairobi and is quite upbeat”.

“Now, he needs platelets and everyone who can donate is encouraged to go to Nairobi Hospital. The Blood types sought are A, B and O positive.”

The Medical Professionals are expected to advise on his full treatment course after today’s sessions.

By Wednesday morning, the fundraising campaign had raised $2,105 of $20,000 goal.

Kaggwa is part of an extended family of Rotary Kampala Munyonyo.

His colleagues said, “He serves above self. He gives and has given beyond expectation to those in need.”


Kaggwa’s Events WareHouse, a pioneering events management and Experiential Marketing agency, opened its doors in 2003.

Acute leukemia

Leukemia is a cancer of the blood and bone marrow.

With acute leukemia, cells are rapidly dividing and the disease progresses quickly in the marrow of bones.

These abnormal cells then spill into the bloodstream. Unlike other cancers, leukemia generally doesn’t form into a mass (tumor) that can be seen in imaging tests, such as X-rays.

If you have an acute leukemia, you would feel sick within weeks of the leukemia cells forming.

Acute leukemia is the most common pediatric cancer.

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