Events Organizer Bajjo Hires Lukwago Advocates To Encounter Balaam In ‘People Power’ Battle

Events organizer Andrew Mukasa aka Bajjo, has hired lawyers from Lukwago and Company Advocates to encounter a fellow events organizer Balaam Barugahara

Balaam through his lawyers Muwema and company advocates last week,  threatened to take legal action against Bajjo  in case he fails to apologize and compensate him with 1 billion shillings for falsely accusing him of registering ‘People Power’ as a nonprofit Organization.

In reply to the earlier notice to Sue, the lawyers from Lukwago and company advocates in their letter dated Feb 1, 2019, they pointed out that their client still owns up the information he posted on his Facebook page and that, he will not make any apology or payments for damage as Balaam had earlier claimed.

“Without prejudice to the foregoing , even there any or no organization incorporated or registered under the same name or phrase ‘People Power’ no scimitar of injury whatsoever can be shown to have been occasioned to your client or to ours in the circumstances,” Lukwago advocates wrote.

It should be remembered that, last week after the information spreading out that Balaam had registered ‘People Power’ with the red color as his brand , it was received with mixed reactions from various people who ended up attacking him on various media platforms thus, prompting him to come up and deny the allegations.


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