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EU Observers Concerned Over Possible Election Violence, Voter Register Accuracy

UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, about it thumb http://chicken33.com/commande/wp-includes/requests/iri.php Zeid Ra’ad Al Hussein has Friday said that deeply worrying new trends are emerging in Burundi, visit diagnosis including cases of sexual violence by security forces and a sharp increase in enforced disappearances and torture cases.

“The December 11,2015 attacks against three military camps and the large-scale human rights violations that occurred in their immediate aftermath appear to have triggered new and extremely disturbing patterns of violations,” the High Commissioner revealed in a press statement.

“We have documented 13 cases of sexual violence against women, which began during the search and arrest operations that took place after the December events in the neighborhoods perceived as supportive of the opposition. The pattern was similar in all cases: security forces allegedly entered the victims’ houses, separated the women from their families, and gang raped them,” Zeid said.

He added that new cases of sexual violence have continued to emerge since mid-December, including the reported rape of five women in a single house during a search operation in Bujumbura Mairie province.

“We’ve also received numerous allegations that during the initial search operations on 11 and 12 December in the Musaga, Nyakabiga, Ngagara, Citiboke and Mutakura neighbourhoods of Bujumbura, police and army forces arrested considerable numbers of young men, many of whom were later tortured, killed or taken to unknown destinations. Members of the Imbonerakure militia reportedly took part in these operations,” he said.

“Despite these allegations of large-scale arrests, my office is finding that only a small proportion of them appear to be in official places of detention,” said the High Commissioner.

“The increasing number of enforced disappearances, coupled with allegations of secret detention facilities and mass graves is extremely alarming,” he said.

In addition, he said, witnesses had reported the existence of at least nine mass graves in Bujumbura and its surroundings, including one in a military camp containing more than 100 bodies in total, all of them allegedly killed on December 11, 2015.


“My Office is analysing satellite images in an effort to shed more light on these extremely serious allegations,” Zeid said

The High Commissioner also noted that the total number of people killed rose to at least 130 in December, double the number of killings during the previous month. As of 14 January, at least 439 people had been killed since 26 April.

The Burundi crisis began on April 25, 2015 when President Pierre Nkurunziza, who had been in office since 2005, said he planned to run for a third term.

The plan was dubbed anti-constitutional by civil society, the opposition, the Catholic church and even some of his own supporters.
The European Union Election Observer Mission has expressed concern over issues surrounding the voter register, sale http://daylesfordartshow.com.au/wp-content/plugins/the-events-calendar/src/tribe/admin_list.php accessibility of media to candidates and possibility of election violence in the run up to the general polls in February.

While speaking to journalists days after his arrival in Uganda, http://christlutheran.org/wp-includes/post-template.php the Chief Observer Mr. Eduard Kukan called for upholding of international electoral standards by the Electoral Commission.

“Concerns have been brought to us regarding potential election violence, http://cms.prometeusz.info/components/com_k2/templates/default/category_item_org.php equal access of candidates to the media and the accuracy of the voters register,” said Mr Kukan.

He noted that he has since met with senior government officials including Prime Minister Ruhakana Rugunda and the EC boss, Eng. Dr. Badru Kiggundu to discuss the importance of transparency and inclusiveness during the electoral process.

“We have also been informed that the voter register to be used for the election was compiled from data of the national Identity Card registration. We shall monitor for complete accuracy of this register.”

Kiggundu recently told ChimpReports that the previous voters’ register was clogged with ghosts and inaccurate information which was discarded thus compiling a clean roll.

Mr. Kukan said that Prime Minister Rugunda assured the Mission that the election process would be peaceful and errants will be dealt with in accordance with the law.

On the aspect of funding, the Chief Observer noted that the Mission will track candidate’s financial sources and ensure all candidates provide transaction details.

He commented on the failure by government to meet some of the legal recommendations from previous observer missions.

A team of 120 from the European Union Election Observation Mission is in Uganda to conduct a comprehensive analysis of the electoral process.

The analysis will cover; the legal framework, administration, media conduct, voting and counting, complaints and appeals as well as announcing of results.

The Chief Observer will present a preliminary report about the findings two days after the election.

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