Etiquette: Habits that Tarnish Your Personality



Etiquette refers to the customary code of polite behaviour in society or among members of a particular profession or group. In other words, the daily conduct of a person towards the people and the environment one thrives in.

Etiquette goes hand in hand with integrity; which basically means doing good even when nobody is watching. You don’t have to practice proper manners to impress someone.

This however, is many a times far from reach, for some people; young or old, learned or unlearned, professional or non.

Some of these actions are intentional while some are done subconsciously. Conscious or not, the repercussions of improper behavior are real.

People, friends, workmates or even partners might be pushed away from you simply due to your conduct around them. Here is a compilation of things people do that irritate those around them.

Nose Picking

So many people walk around picking their nose in public. Some do it in restaurants, meetings, conferences or while walking on the road. Picking your nose in public could show that you are a dirty person. Some people sneeze in their hands and will want to shake people’s hands thereafter. This is a very bad habit one must stop.

Spitting on the road


Spitting on the road, sidewalk pavements, or any public place is very irritating to those that see it. Gorret Betty Mbabazi, a nurse, notes that this also leads to spread of diseases airborne diseases like Tuberculosis.

Littering a round

Littering trash, be it an empty bottle of soda or leftovers of your snacks on the road is not proper etiquette. Throwing rubbish on the road side and driving away is bad not only for the example you are portraying to the kids in the back seat but for the environment too.

Tooth picking

Walking around in with tooth picks hanging off your mouth after lunch is not only disgusting to the people around but also shows how clumsy you are. If you have food particles in your mouth especially after eating meat, sit where you have eaten it from and clean your teeth before moving out. Use private places like washrooms, clean up and get back to the public neat.

Interrupting conversations

Some people have a tendency of participating in other people’s conversations even on issues they have no idea about. We all need to learn that sometimes people don’t really need us around, otherwise they could have invited you

Eating people’s quick bites without permission

Have you ever left your food on the table only to come back when your workmate has eaten half? Well, if you do that, cut the act today. Not everyone likes sharing forks, food or drinking on the same bottle with others. Be polite enough to ask for the food before touching it.

Shouting out people’s names

Shouting while calling or talking to someone in public is not good. It is important that you walk up to someone you want to talk to and tell them what you want to say.

Tending to your ears in public

Cleaning one’s ears is a very good thing and you should do it more often but never in public. This should be done when bathing or at home in your room. Cleaning your ears in public looks bad to people who see you doing it.

Eating while standing

Mbabazi notes that it’s medically not advisable for one to eat while standing because food could chock you. She says its good manners for one to sit down while eating or drinking water to allow the food go through the digestion system well.

Unbuttoning clothes

The weather is sometimes not that friendly but attending to people or moving around with an unbuttoned shirt or blouse will make portray you differently to the public. It costs you nothing to button up and let loose when you are all alone.

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