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Esther Is a Karaoke Dancer Embarrassing Uganda – Bebe Cool

South Sudan rebels have released what they claim is “photographic evidence” of the UPDF’s participation in heavy combat alongside SPLA troops in rebel-held territory – hundreds of kilometres away from the Ugandan forces’ command bases.

The Military Spokesman for SPLA (Opposition), look Brig Lul Koang told Chimpreports on Wednesday they captured two “brand new AKM-47 assault rifles each mounted with rocket Propelled Grenade Launcher” from government forces in  Dolieb Hills, pharm Upper Nile State after a heavy battle.

Koang further said “UPDF’s Armoured Personnel Carrier” was destroyed and its driver killed.

If true, website like this the latest development implies Dr Riek Machar’s forces could be in possession of anti-tank weaponry and other advanced equipment.

He further alleged that rebels were able to retrieve an identification card for the “UPDF’s female APC Driver killed at Zinc.”

Important to note is that the card shows the name of a one Verorine, a member of the ‘Association of the Ugandan Community in Southern Sudan.’

Rebels display guns recovered from government soldiers during last week's gun-battle
Rebels display guns recovered from government soldiers during last week’s gun-battle


The card was issued in 2010.


Army spokesperson, Lt Col Paddy Ankunda was still in a meeting when we tried to reach him for comment on the latest revelation.

But he told this investigative website on Sunday that rebels’ claims were “totally laughable,” adding, “there is no one of our officers missing in South Sudan”

On whether UPDF was involved in combat operations in the volatile Upper Nile state, Ankunda observed: “Since April, we have never engaged in any offense again and all UPDF is mindful of now is the current peace talks going on in Ethiopia. We maintain our defensive positions in Juba and Bor and Dickens you are aware of that.”

Some of the pictures seen by our corps show a destroyed APC but we were unable to confirm whether it belonged to the UPDF.

A photo of dead body of a female in military fatigue was also shared by Koang. We could not confirm whether she is indeed a Ugandan soldier.

A military truck being displayed by rebels
A military truck being displayed by rebels

Uganda maintains combat units of Special Forces commandos, artillery and airforce in South Sudan.

Uganda was hailed by the international community for stopping a possible genocide when war broke out in the presidential palace and main barracks in Juba among the elite Neur and Dinka in the heavily-armed Tiger Battalion.

This followed a coup attempt by Dr Riek Machar. The fighting has plunged the nation into a humanitarian crisis and left thousands dead.

Efforts aimed at resolving the political crisis are yet to bear fruit.
One too many a time, more about Bebe Cool has written and posted tasteless statements on his official Facebook page and today is not any different as he called upon his fans to vote for Ella and not Esther who in his own words is ‘a karaoke dancer who is an embarrassment to Uganda’.

“Hello Uganda, doctor we as Ugandans have ONE housemate in the big brother house and her name is ELLAH but she is up for eviction because she does not have our country vote, so I call upon all my fans and friends to vote for her,” Bebe Cool wrote.

“The other Ugandan karaoke dancer is an embarrassment to our nation and totally requires eviction this weekend. Let us all vote for ELLAH to stay in the big brother house.”

This post evoked various reactions from Ugandans with some questioning his reasoning or if he ever thinks before he posts anything on his page. Some were quick to remind him that Ella is the boring one and needs to be booted before Esther who is lively and active.

It is to be remembered that Esther has featured as a video vixen in some of Bebe Cool’s videos and people were wondering whether there is beef between the two.

Other people called Bebe a hypocrite since he always talks about being patriotic yet he is de-campaigning a fellow Ugandan in the house. Most of the comments said that both Ellah and Esther are Ugandans and deserve our votes.

This comes just a few weeks after he wrote tasteless remarks about South Sudanese and cause a social media war.

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