Equal Opportunities Commission Boss Denies Charges

Sylivia Muhebwa Ntambi, the Chairperson of the Equal Opportunity Commission (EOC) has Thursday been charged with three counts before the Anti-Corruption Magistrates Court

Appearing before Chief Magistrate Pamella Lamunu, Ntambi was read the charges of Corruption, Conspiracy to Defraud and Abuse of Office.

She denied all charges.

Through her lawyer Mc Dusman Kabega, Ntambi applied to be released on bail pending hearing of the main case, and presented three sureties.

Ntambi also presented in court a copy of her passport and a copy of a land title for her estate as proof that she will appear in court whenever required.

However, State prosecutor James Khauka objected to this application on grounds that the applicant on several occasions has failed to appear in court, until she was threatened with a warrant of arrest.

The State also pointed out that the land titled deposited in court contained the names Sylivia Muhebwa Nabatanzi yet the person before court is Sylivia Muhebwa Ntambi.

In response, Ntambi’s lawyers asked the prosecution to always verify people’s names before drafting charge sheets, noting that it was not the applicant who changed the name but the state.


The magistrate is expected to deliver her ruling on this application before the end of today.

Prosecution contends that on 19th November 2019 while being employed as chairperson of Equal Opportunities Commission, Ntambi and three others conspired to defraud Government of 35 million shillings.

The money was allegedly meant to undertake an audit exercise on a Rural Electrification plan



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