ENVY: MC Kats Storms Stage, Interrupts Ex-Girl Friend Fille’s Performance

Well, it seems like events Mcee and TV host Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats is back to his old rowdy ways, after he stormed and interrupted his ex-Girlfriend Fille Mutoni’s performance last night during the Valentine’s Day celebrations at Wave Lounge in Kololo.

As Fille performed her song, ‘Fall in love again,’ Kats stepped on stage and grabbed the microphone from Fille while saying that he is the one who did everything possible  to see her reach the level she is currently in.

“You people don’t understand, these artists think they are big and powerful but they started with nothing. I have the right to stop her performance or do anything I feel like with her because I am the one did everything possible to push her to this level she now boosts of. I made her a star but she doesn’t seem to know that,” roared Kats.

Surely, if it was some other venue, may be Kats wouldn’t have survived the bouncers, but simply because he is the one who organizes and hosts all Thursday events at wave lounge, made him winner of his violent actions.

Fille looked on for a few seconds before being escorted off stage, by an unknown man.

He remained alone on stage, which later prompted partiers to pelt all sorts of objects at him, forcing him off the stage too.

The two former love birds have always had a roller -coaster kind of relationship that is on and off, and as this happened; they had not been together for a while.

They are both rumored to have moved on and in new relationships now.



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