Entrepreneurship, Job Skills Trainings Dominate NSSF Career Expo at Muteesa Royal University

NSSF officials alongside representatives from both private and public sectors have equipped Muteesa 1 Royal University students with knowledge on jobs and entrepreneurship.

This was during their first of the two-day presentations at the university on Tuedsday April 25.

The presentation was part of the series of NSSF Career Expo; an initiative intended to train university students about readying themselves for the job market, drugs and maneuvering dynamics of the world after school.

Andrew Nongumya, order NSSF branch manager – Masaka, information pills Robert Asiimwe, an entrepreneur in Masaka, Barbara Teddy Arimi, NSSF Head of Marketing and Communication were among the guest speakers at the event.

Nongumya, who kicked off the speeches urged students to brand themselves revealing that it’s self-presentation and reflection of personality that employers consider when, gauging a potential employee.

He further talked about the benefits of students joining NSSF at an early stage, relaying that it’s crucial for future planning. He emphasized more on opening up voluntary accounts where they can save as low as Shs5,000.

Robert Asiimwe told students to avoid the inevitable habit of getting weakened by the discouraging emotion of fear, asserting that it’s the leading cause of business failure in Uganda.

“The reason we have low start-ups in Uganda is because people fear the lows during the business journey like losses and competitors. Once you overcome that, then you have started your success journey,” he said.


Barbara Arimi defined passion as the underlying principle of progress in any career, explaining that it builds an individual’s strength and skills in desired fields.

“At any job, you need to be passionate about your work because your strength comes out and it becomes easy to see your skills. Your passion is linked to your strong points,” Arimi argued.

Arimi concluded her presentation by asking students to have teamwork throughout their careers both in formal employment and entrepreneurship.

“The people you work with are the keys to your doors to your next opportunity. Give 100%, relate well with them and leave a good mark so that they can always recommend you or welcome you back,” she advised.

The Deputy Vice Chancellor and Dean of Students of Muteesa I Royal University, Florence Nampijja, also graced the event, and in her speech, she praised and thanked NSSF for closing the career guidance gap in Uganda.

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