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Entebbe Express Murder: Police Rules Out Suicide In Investigation

A team of police detectives undertaking investigations into the grisly double murder of Joshua Nteireho Ruhegyero and Merina Tumukunde have ruled out possibility that the two died as a result of suicide.

The law enforcement body has said that the task team spent the weekend actively pursuing evidence that could possibly lead to the identity of the suspects behind the gruesome murder.

According to police forensic department, it is exploring the incriminating evidence which they picked from the vehicle and also examining the police officer and two others who were arrested on Friday last week.

It is said that Police officer Davis Taremwa and the late Nteireho were close friends and on that basis he requested to escort him to Millennium Hotel in Zana.

Reports indicate that Nteireho was going to meet a businessman identified as Ronald Suubi at the hotel where he was going to buy a car from.

Police Spokesperson Fred Enanga said that they also retrieved footage from the CCTV cameras and preliminary findings indicate that Nteireho’s car (Land cruiser UAW) was captured four times in Kajjansi and one time in Entebbe.

“Cyber experts are reviewing the movement of this vehicle between 8 pm to about 10:30 pm,” he added.

“We are giving them opportunity to scrutinize the evidence but we want to inform you that based on the nature of the injuries that the victims sustained, we are at this stage ruling out the case of suicide. We are looking at murder,” he said.


Police said that Tumukunde sustained a bullet wound through the right side of the neck and it came out of the left between the neck and ear.

According to detectives, this means there was somebody on her near right, hence considering murder.

The possibility of Ruhegyero shooting himself was also ruled out arguing that he was shot from the left of his head, which is impossible for anyone committing suicide.

Enanga said that basing on the preliminary findings, there is a possibility that there was a third party in the car or at the scene.

“Although we have not yet made any arrests, we are progressing well and will be able to identify the suspects,” said police.

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