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Engage in Vocational Training to Achieve Economic Growth – Swiss Envoy

President Museveni has praised his former Vice President Prof Gilbert Bukenya for refusing to endorse presidential aspirant, ailment http://ca-uqam.info/wp-content/plugins/jetpack/modules/tonesque.php Hon Amama Mbabazi, more about http://daforatravel.ro/wp-content/plugins/google-analyticator/google-api-php-client/src/contrib/google_freebaseservice.php Chimp Corps report.

Museveni once again spoke out on his fallout with Mbabazi, shop saying he was helped to occupy top positions in government which he misused.

Museveni went ahead to explain that unlike NRA fighters who actively participated in risky combat missions on the battlefields, “Mbabazi was always outside the country.”

Speaking at celebrations held to mark Bukenya’s return to NRM at the former Vice President’s Hotel in Katomi off Entebbe Road on Friday, Museveni added: “That Mbabazi you see there did not take part in the real fighting. Yet, he is now fighting us who made him big and what he is today.”

Mbabazi this year declared his presidential bid that would see him confront his former boss and party chairman, President Museveni in the 2016 polls.

It was hoped that Mbabazi would secure the support of Bukenya and other top opposition shots for The Democratic Alliance (TDA) joint flag-bearer race.

However, Bukenya chose to break his partnership with TDA, saying the main contenders who included Mbabazi, Dr Kizza Besigye and Norbert Mao lacked solid manifestos needed to eradicate poverty and transform the country.

Addressing NRM supporters at Katomi, Museveni said Bukenya “took the right decision to dump Mbabazi and Besigye.”


The President said Besigye joined the NRA guerrilla “when things were much better” but ran away “because he failed to internalize our ideology.”

He added that Mbabazi left a weevil-infested infrastructure at the NRM secretariat, and that the party is grappling with the challenges inherited from the former Secretary General’s reign.

“Mbabazi was there for 10 years but failed to run the secretariat,” added the President.

Museveni also confirmed earlier media reports of secretly meeting Bukenya in London, UK.

“During our meeting in London, Bukenya agreed to come back to NRM,” said Museveni.

On his part, Bukenya said he was glad returning to NRM and that he would give his all to consolidate President Museveni’s rule.

He further denied allegations of being bribed to abandon the opposition, saying he is a man of integrity.

Museveni said he had forgiven Bukenya’s mistakes and that he was willing to welcome him back to the party.

Observers say the return of Bukenya will help Museveni maintain a strong grip on Buganda region ahead of the 2016 elections.

There are reports that Bukenya’s u-turn was facilitated by Buganda Prime Minister Peter Mayiga – a claim which the latter has refused to confirm.

Nevertheless, Bukenya is a force to reckon with not only in Buganda but also in other parts of the country where he introduced upland rice schemes to eradicate household poverty.

After being sacked as Vice President 8 years ago, Bukenya blamed his downfall on Mbabazi’s machinations.

Mbabazi has consistently denied plotting Bukenya’s downfall.

Commander of the Special Forces Command of the UPDF Brig Muhoozi Kainerugaba was last evening honored by the old boys of St Mary’s College Kisubi [SMACK] for his distinguished service in the national army.

Situated in Kisubi along Entebbe Road in Wakiso district, dosage http://chemspec-api.com/wp-content/plugins/contact-form-7/modules/acceptance.php SMACK is one of the country’s most respected education institutions. The catholic founded, boys – only school will be marking its 110th anniversary next year.

Brig Muhoozi addressing his old boys at Rivania Suits in Nakawa
Brig Muhoozi addressing his old boys at Rivonia Suites in Nakawa yesterday

Brig Muhoozi was at SMACK between 1989 and 1994; a time he said was the fondest of his school time memories.

Speaking on Friday evening at the awards ceremony at Rivonia Suites in Nakawa [owned by one of the OBs Deus Tibaingana], Brig Muhoozi was grateful to the School’s former students’ association [SMACKOBA], for honoring him with the award.

Dr Sebastian Nsubuga [Left] and Anthony Ndyamuntuntu who served in the schools Biology Lab for 55 and 45 years respectively were honored at the event
Dr Sebastian Nsubuga [Left] and Anthony Ndyamuntuntu who served in the school’s Biology Lab for 55 and 45 years respectively were also awarded at the event
He was handed the Milestone Certificate of Recognition for his “Excellence in National Service and Distinguished Service as Commander of the Special Forces Command.”

“This is the second time I am being awarded by my SMACK OBs. Last time it was the younger association. It’s always a great honor to be recognized by the people you went to school with,” he said.

The SMACKOBA dinner iis held annually to recognized the most outstanding former students
The SMACKOBA dinner is held annually to recognize the most outstanding former students

“I am also pleased that you appreciate the efforts of the national army. UPDF rarely gets this kind of recognition.”

Reading from the book of Luke, the first son appealed to the SMACK alumni to put into practice their school motto “Duc In Altum” which is Latin for “Launch Into the Deep.”

Muhoozi shares a moment with the school's catholic brothers
Muhoozi shares a moment with the school’s catholic brothers

“These were the words of our Lord Jesus Christ to his disciple Simon Peter when he found him at the Sea of Galilee. We as old boys of St Mary’s have an obligation of launching into the deep for our country, for our children and the generations to come. We need to hold onto and make use of our education to become productive citizens and members of society.”

Muhoozi called upon SMACK Old Boys to "Launch into the Deep"
Muhoozi called upon SMACK Old Boys to “Launch into the Deep”

He also urged his OBs, most of who are now heads of families, to uphold the values of patriotism, national service and self-sacrifice; and to always inculcate them into their children and the people around them.

At the event, Brig Muhoozi donated Shs 10million towards the school’s soon to be launched Endowment Fund.

SMACK old boys have number of ways to raise funds to support the association
SMACK old boys have number of ways to raise funds to support the association

A number of other old students and staff members were also honored with the Distinguished Service Award and the Milestone Award; among them renown businessman Andrew Rugasira,  the proprietor of Good African Coffee,  the first African coffee brand to be stocked in UK and US Supermarkets.

Arthur Mattli, sick http://center4research.org/wp-includes/class-wp-image-editor.php the Ambassador and Representative of Switzerland to the EAC has urged EAC to collaborate with Switzerland in the area of vocational training which he noted has been his country’s key to economic growth.

This he said on Wednesday, during the presentation of his credentials to the East African Community Secretary General, Amb. Dr. Richard at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

The EAC Secretary General also received credentials from the Turkish Ambassador, Yasemin Eralp.

Turkish Ambassador Yasemin Eralp, presenting her credentials to EAC Secretary General Dr. Richard Sezibera at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.
Turkish Ambassador Yasemin Eralp, presenting her credentials to EAC Secretary General Dr. Richard Sezibera at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

Speaking at the function, Amb. Mattli said the EAC had made significant achievements including promoting regional trade and infrastructure development, adding that Switzerland was keen on providing support to drive the integration process forward.

Information from the EAC secretariat reveals that the Swiss envoy said his country was following the integration process closely and urged the EAC to engage the youth in their projects so that they can embrace the idea of regional integration.

“Switzerland’s secret to economic growth is vocational training. We have the smallest country in Europe which is also the least populated and the lowest education per capita in terms of university graduates in Europe. However, we have the highest level of patents and innovations,” Amb Mattli said.

“This shows that you need not have the highest number of university graduates in order to innovate,” he added.

Amb. Mattli said that vocational training in Switzerland is through public-private partnerships, adding that education must be meaningful to any economy.

“Lessons must be practical so innovations start very early. Investors want skilled people, not just people entering the job market,” he said, adding that for vocation training to be taken seriously, artisans must be given as much respect as highly educated people,” he said.

In his remarks, Amb. Dr. Sezibera said the youth were a critical target for the EAC and disclosed that the Community had appointed youth ambassadors who were doing an excellent job promoting the integration process.

Dr. Sezibera said the youth should not only buy into the integration but should be able to benefit from the process. The SG said the Community’s Education Department was currently working on framework for vocational training in the region which would address issues of training, qualifications and certification.

He, however, expressed concern that most Partner States had moved away from vocational training towards university education which is more academic rather than being practical.

Dr Sezibera urged Switzerland to consider supporting the EAC through the Partnership Fund, a basket fund which he said had enabled the Community to make significant achievements in various sectors.

The EAC Secretary General also received credentials from the Turkish Ambassador, Ms Yasemin Eralp, at the EAC Headquarters in Arusha, Tanzania.

Present at the function were EAC Deputy Secretaries General, Dr. Enos Bukuku (Planning and Infrastructure) and Mr. Liberat Mfumukeko ( Finance and Administration), as well as Mr Peter Kiguta, Director-General (Customs and Trade).

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