Enanga: Police Commanders Ignore Illegal NRM Rallies Fearing They Could Lose Their Jobs

Police Spokesman Fred Enanga has blamed individual police commanders in different parts of the country, for ignoring NRM politicians when they hold unlawful campaign rallies that flout the set Covid19 guidelines.

Enanga told press this afternoon that Uganda Police as an institution has a zero tolerance policy to anyone breaking the campaign rules whether they are from opposition or the NRM.

This he said is in accordance with a recent directive by the Inspector General of Police Martin Okoth Ochola.

However, according to the police mouthpiece, some individual police commanders in the regions whom he described as “cowards,” fear to arrest errant NRM politicians.

Most of these, he said, wrongly believe that if they interfere with NRM rallies, they could lose their jobs.

“The IGP came out recently and said that anyone who breaks the rules must be arrested whether they are yellow or any other colour,” Enanga said.

“But the complaints that we are hearing from the public about NRM being favoured by the police, it is because of the weakness of some police commanders who act with cowardice. They think that if they are tough on the NRM they might lose their jobs. That is just wrong” he said.

Enanga however, noted that Police does not favour any political party, citing examples of NRM leaders who have recently been reprimanded.


According to Enanga, this Monday morning the State Minister for Micro Finance, Hon Haruna Kasolo reported himself to Police in Masaka after he held a prohibited mass campaign rally in which one person was shot dead.

The Minister is the incumbent Member of Parliament for Kyotera County in Kyotera district which he is trying to retain.

Enanga said Kasolo reported at the Masaka Central Police Station where he recorded a statement.

The minister is said to have held a big campaign rally on Friday in Nabigasa Sub County, where his contender Mpalanyi was also campaigning.

The supporters from both camps met and a scuffle ensued and as police tried to restore calm, one person was shot dead.

Enanga said Minister Kasolo and Mpalanyi are set to be formally charged after their files have been sanctioned by the DPP.

“The leaders didn’t take the lives of other people as important and proceeded to hold rallies that attracted hundreds of people with no masks,” Enanga said.

The Police spokesperson cautioned political candidates not to forget that Covid19 is still around.

He noted that several political campaigns have registered positive cases including most recently Justine Kasule Lumumba, the Secretary General of the NRM, as well other confirmed cases in the camps of NUP and FDC.


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