Employers Urged to Take Mental Health Issues at Workplaces Seriously

Ugandan employers have been urged to create conducive working environments for their employees to help in reduction of stress related metal health issues that are on the increase.

According to health experts, metal health issues contribute to huge losses globally and are the major cause of low productivity at work places

Hillary Kuteesa, a senior psychologist at Butabika Hospital says the depression burden in Uganda is increasing with over 1.4million registered cases.

Globally 300m people are depressed.

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Dr Kuteesa says most of these cases are as a result of overwhelming pressure to perform, produce quick results and maintain a job.

“When workers feel overworked, are not appreciated, not paid on time and are experiencing unfriendly work relationships, normally, they go into drinking or using of drugs to reduce on the stress which worsens their depression. There is need for companies to take depression seriously, talk about it regularly and employ a counselor to talk to the employees incase such cases arise” he said.

This was during a training for human resource managers organized by Minet, a Uganda insurance broker company in partnership with Motivator Africa held Thursday morning at Golden Tulip hotel in Kampala as part of the ongoing Employee Wellness Program.

Jennifer Male, a healthcare manager at Minet said by 2035, the economic loss resulting from stress and depression globally will be $60trillion.


“The talk around metal health needs to be normalized instead of people always stigmatizing people. At work places we need to have this issue the same way we talk about medical issues. That’s the only way it will be addressed” she said

Pepe Minambo, a consultant at Motivator Africa urged companies to focus on building a workplace culture that is supportive, friendly, reliable to help employees work feel more conformable.

“You can have a good strategy but if there is no company culture that is well understand by the employees, then the strategy may not work out,” he said

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