Emergency At Entebbe As Plane Tyre Bursts on Runway

Emergency responders at Entebbe International Airport swung into action yesterday evening, to evacuate passengers on the local airline aircraft whose tyre burst upon touch down.

The aircraft belongs to AeroLink, one of the local operators that offer both schedule and charter flights into mostly to Uganda’s national parks.

Vienne Luggya the spokesperson Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) confirmed the incident, telling us the small size aircraft had just landed on the main runway when one of its tyres burst.

Responders came in and managed to evacuate everyone on board, before the aircraft was pulled off the runway.

The incident, which according to reports lasted over 30 minutes, led to delayed landing of other inbound aircraft, which were forced to circle around the airport as the runway was getting cleared.

Mr Luggya confirmed this as well; “At the time when the (Aerolink) aircraft was still on the runway, there were two other aircraft coming in to land. We had to first remove this one and the others had to circle. But they both landed safely.” he said.

No injuries were recorded in the incident, as according to Luggya, the burst tyre did not ignite any flames.

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