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Ellah was a Victim of the ‘Cuddle of Death’

Many have been left wondering the way forward for the East African Legislative Assembly which is facing increased bickering between the speaker and other legislators.

Weeks ago, ed the assembly was adjourned after a section of members moved to force the clerk to hold elections that culminated into appointment of Chris Opoka Okumu as the acting Speaker following the hypothetical suspension of Margret Nantongo Zziwa.

This has however been highly contested by Zziwa and her team of lawyers who have referred to the act as an illegality citing the fact that the EAC treaty that led to the creation of EALA doesn’t provide for suspension of the Speaker.

“These members are trying to use the Kangaroo chambers to move the censure motion that was first brought in April but failed after three members from the Republic of Tanzania withdrew their signatures, troche ” Zziwa told the press at Serena Conference Centre in Kampala.

Zziwa further said it was ashaming that legislators that are expected to uphold the law were instead acting against it.

The embattled speaker said that her term of office had been affected by several factors among which were Geopolitical factors whereby one state partner thought it was to be looked at more than others.

“I have always been blamed by members from Rwanda for being against genocide but I want to inform you that we have so far held five discussions on genocide with the first one in December 2012 that followed a motion by Hon. Fred Mukasa Mbidde.”

Zziwa told journalists that before all that, she had been approached by members from Rwanda demanding that she allows M23 rebels to hold a meeting with the EALA committee which she declined sparking off the bickering and allegations of incompetence.


It is not clear when the assembly will hold the next seating given that the Zziwa adjourned the assembly until further notice and on top of that rescheduled the Kampala session to Arusha.

The Infrastructural summit by heads of state that was looked at as the only measure to curb the fighting within EALA also failed to seat due to lack of quorum.

Zziwa has however called on the Ugandan Parliament and the President to intervene and save the situation before it worsens.
The Independent Magazine boss, abortion Andrew Mwenda had already ordered for a 2014 Jeep Cherokee brand new car when his Q7 Audi was knocked at his offices in Kamwokya, erectile Kampala on November 17.

The truck was insured thus paying Mwenda for the damage caused to his favourite car.

Mwenda’s penchant for fashionable and expensive cars is well known among his peers.

ChimpLyf now understands the Cherokee was brought to Uganda on November 15 – just two days before a truck rammed into the Audi which he had driven for a staggering 6 years.

Sources said the prominent journalist and radio talk show host had ordered for the Cherokee, sales which impresses with an industry-first nine-speed automatic, loads of safety features and three available four-wheel-drive systems, from its manufacturers in August through Spear Motors.

Mwenda looks at the damage done to his car on November 17
Mwenda looks at the damage done to his car on November 17

The latest information contradicts earlier reports that Mwenda ordered for a new car after the Audi accident in Kampala.

Sources further revealed that “Mwenda spent a staggering $120,000 (around Shs300m) on the car which is also customised with specific accessories to suit his comfort. This car is loaded with high specks. “

Fluid lines and upmarket soft-touch materials mark the Cherokee’s interior space, which comes standard with a five-inch touch screen for the U-connect infotainment system.

The exterior view of Mwenda's Cherokee 2014
The exterior view of Mwenda’s Cherokee 2014

The luxury car also comes standard with an impressive array of airbags, including dual front, front knee, front side, rear side and full-length side curtain units, traction and stability control systems.

It took three months to manufacture a car of Mwenda’s specifications.

Sources further said the journalist had as well spent a cool shs80m to upgrade and recondition the Audi brand car to 2014 model after acquiring “new spare parts for almost everything” from Dubai, New York and Bremen.

The luxury car Mwenda imported before the Audi accident  (Courtesy photos)
The luxury car Mwenda imported before the Audi accident (Courtesy photos)

This means in a space of one year, Mwenda spent around shs380m on cars, making him the fanciest if not wealthiest journalist in the country where scribes are poorly paid.

A controversial scribe, Mwenda does not only co-own the Independent but also has interests in Uganda’s budding real estate sector.
Well, store Ugandans and all Ella’s fans across Africa must have been saddened by her unfortunate but not unexpected eviction from the Big Brother House just a week shy of the finale and most of them have blamed this on the relationship she had with the Tanzanian housemate, sildenafil Idris.

Ellah had earlier on received her mother in the South Africa-based house, sickness who cautioned the Hotshot against showing too much affection to Idris. Ella’s mother warned her that “this consistent kissing will cost you if you don’t stop it.”

The fact that she was evicted the following week is proof that the adage intimating that a parent’s word is always right is undoubtedly true. Her mother plus all the viewers had repeatedly said that no good would come out of the beauty queen’s relationship with Idris.

Comments flowing in from most viewers in Africa showed that Idris had played his game right while using Ella well knowing that the latter might not survive the boot from the house.

It seems like it is not only the viewers that thought so as Idris’ good friends in the house JJ and Nhlanhla teased him about his situation with women. Nhlanhla said that all the women that Idris cuddled with have been evicted and called his cuddles “the cuddle of death”.

Whereas Nhlanhla and JJ said that jokingly, Africa thinks it’s close to the truth seeing that both Goitse and Ella who were Idris’ love interests in the house got evicted last Sunday. Nhlanhla added that M’am Bea was smart by keeping away from Idris as she has made it to the finale.

The outspoken Tayo and Idris had a fight earlier on in which Tayo called Idris out for having different women in his arms and claiming them as friends when he knew very well what agenda he had with them. Idris also refused to take it lying down and kept on telling Tayo to mind his own business.

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