Electoral Commission to Review Recent By-elections After Museveni Threats

Faced with a stern critique and disbandment threats from the Head of State, the Electoral Commission has appointed a committee to review some the concerns raised by President Yoweri Museveni about the integrity of the Commission’s own voters’ register.

Museveni last weekend threatened to disband the entire commission, and replenish it with cadres from his own ruling NRM party.

“Electoral commission is full of rotten people,” he told NRM leaders in Kampala.

“I am going to get rid of them. Why should we suffer with corrupt election officials when the NRM has got so much man power?”

Museveni claims the commission register, particularly that which was used in the recently parliamentary by elections was riddled with ghost voters.

“In Jinja I discovered so many ghost voters who were imported from other areas,” Museveni said, adding that these ghosts were being imported by the election officials themselves.

In a statement today, the commission chairman Justice Simon Byabakama said his team has started reviewing the concerns raised by the president.

As such, Byabakama said the commission has appointed a technical committee to investigate claims related to the integrity of the register.


The committee he said is tasked with reviewing the facts of the president’s claims (who he referred to as “some stakeholders in the electoral process.)” and to be able to apply remedial measures where necessary in future elections.

Byabakama said the commission appreciated “such stakeholder criticism because they are a valuable feedback that informs the commission on the quality of electoral service delivery and areas that may require the commission’s attention.

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