Elections Should Have Been Postponed – Amuriat

Opposition Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) presidential candidate Patrick Amuriat Oboi has blamed the ongoing standoff between candidates and security over election campaign guidelines, on President Yoweri Museveni.

According to Amuriat, if the president had heeded to advice to postpone next year’s elections because of Covid19, the chaos caused by candidates trying to interface with supporters would not be happening.

Oboi made the remarks while addressing journalists at Kamdini-Gweri in Soroti District.

“We wouldn’t be in an election if Museveni realized that Covid-19 is a dangerous disease. But because he wants to use it for political expediency has continued declaring that elections should take place,” Oboi claimed.

“In an election environment, people will want to come to their leaders and listen to them. We can’t control who comes to us. We can’t turn away anyone who comes to us.”

It should be noted however; the postponement of the election would have required a constitutional amendment by parliament which the ruling NRM party through its caucus did not support.

Meanwhile, Amuriat told reporters that he was blocked from addressing Soroti residents through radio.

“We had booked Radio Delta to transmit a message for us to the people of Teso because we have not had enough time. Unfortunately, I understand that the RDC and Security have threatened to shut down that station,” he said.

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