Election Violence: Museveni Vows to “Crash” Perpetrators

Just a day after the elections of youth committees at village level were held, President Museveni has vehemently spoken against violence targeting his ruling National Resistance Movement (NRM) party members and supporters.

The elections held on Monday, in which majority seats were won by NRM, were full of violence especially in areas where NRM has limited support.

President Museveni has on Tuesday vowed to “crash” the perpetrators who he termed as idiots.

“Do not intimidate people. People were being attacked. Our girl near Kiseka market who was contesting for a position was attacked and beaten. The ones who beat her will pay,” Museveni warned.

Violence was not only witnessed in Kampala where the opposition seems to have taken root but also other parts of the country.

Museveni said that no one has a right to abuse another and warned of tough consequences to those responsible for the act.

“You have absolutely no right to attack me for wanting to vote. You have no right. Those idiots, we shall deal with them. People are playing around. You have no right to abuse me. You have no right to speak to me rudely. I am in my country, I am in my house, I am doing my work, I am exercising my right. You shall see what NRM means. We are going to crash those criminals,” said Museveni.

The current political temperature in the country shows that the 2021 general elections are likely to be violent since many opposition politicians dismissed the revised electoral roadmap issued by the Electoral Commission in which it banned mass rallies in an effort to contain the spread of COVID-19 pandemic.


Meanwhile, the President also issued a strong warning to the police officers who do not take action as some people are abused. He said that such officers should go and “look and after goats.”

The police have severally been accused by human rights activities and opposition politicians for having double standards and acting in favor of NRM candidates and supporters.

The institution is accused of stepping on the freedoms of those who are against the NRM rule.

Museveni said the act of violating people’s rights is over and warned the police of laxity to take action.

“You have no right to bark at me. Are you feeding me? I am in my house. Any Policeman who does not enforce discipline in this, will go to look after goats. What is the police for? This is finished, anybody who has been playing with that, the game is over. It will not happen again,” the President warned.

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